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  • Thu, 14:27: Neko Atsume and the confessions of a self-described 'crazy cat lady' https://t.co/NBu4F0sSBy fuck this lady needs to go back to college ;;
  • Thu, 14:28: that hard fail at how to even say the name is so cringeworthy
  • Thu, 14:37: "annoyingly slow loading screen" I never thought I'd say this but, fucking casuals
  • Thu, 14:46: they can't even say pokemon correctly these peopleeee aghh whitewash
  • Thu, 14:47: lulz the woman said it better for once
  • Thu, 14:48: poke-a-mon is less cringeworthy than poke-ee-mon somehow, I even say poke-a-mon accidentally myself sometimes but they're both wrong w
  • Thu, 15:30: RT @kawaiisugoiblog: Jason (@larcboy04) went to the #Pokemon Center in #Japan! Check out the video via KKS Facebook! https://t.co/uJTw2B0
  • Thu, 15:32: tons of pics of pokecen floating on twitter but not enough videos, looks like the place is still crowded like usual xD;
  • Thu, 15:35: "Are you sure it's the Pokemon Center? 'Cause it's all Pikachu. It's Pikachu Center" lulz
  • Thu, 15:47: the first shiba from the f-team is off to her forever home ToT ~ fuyuka~~
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