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grah USPS

Increased USPS rates on Jan 17 has me down quite a bit. I heard about it back in October last year when it was proposed, but for some reason I thought it wouldn't be a thing until like March... but nope it's Jan 17. EHCk.

More info: http://blog.stamps.com/2015/10/22/usps-announces-postage-rate-increase-starts-january-17-2016/
or http://www.stamps.com/usps/postage-rate-increase/

At least Priority rates are hardly going up, but the thing is that only encourages to ship even more in bulk, so I'm gonna be leaning towards selling more lots instead of individualized, customized orders from LJ. That was kind of what I was thinking of doing before the price hike came into picture anyway--there are a lot of things I have here that need a new home and I really need space. xD It's just hard to part with a lot of it when I feel like there's a collector out there who's more worthy of having the item and would potentially make the order for it. Also bums me out for obscure item auction I was planning on running, since now everyone will be pinching more for pennies... but I'll still go through with it.

Anyway, getting back into original Pokemon series with the X/Y/ORAS games, as I feel bored with mobile games other than work purposes (seriously though if you have a good mobile game on android that isn't Editor's Choice but you feel like it should be, LET ME KNOW, I CAN HAS INFLUENCE :D)

List of Poke things to do:
-Mega Bird Jesus
-More Charizards
-Hidden Ability Garchomp? T_T;

Still to raise?

There's a lot more to this list and I'll probably make another post to archive this haha
Tags: series - pokemon
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