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2016 New Year's Resolutions

It's not even Xmas yet and yeah whatever


1. Add more variety to my workout routine instead of just constantly treadmilling at work and DDRing. Include more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts...

Really anything as long as I can keep watching anime while doing so |D I'd probably do trashier anime like Dance with Devils for HIIT stuff. Thing is it's really hard for me to feel motivated to exercise unless I've got those arrows zipping through the screen now... Tell me your suggestions for things to do with my pair of 8-lb dumbbells!

Keep the weight at 110lb or at least float around there. It's been nesting at 114 lately and I'd rather settle for a tad bit less.

2. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF STUFF I HAVE somehow, miraculously--or at least get a place where I can give things a respective amount of space instead of keeping them boxed up and feeling guilty about it. VERY DIFFICULT TO DO ON POKEMON'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR + NORCAL'S RIDICULOUS RIDICULOUS RIDICULOUS HOUSING MARKET OH GOD


4. ...Get married?... We haven't started planning. Unless you count me slowly compiling a wedding registry on Amazon as anything, lulz. Thing is, there are more pressing issues such as his future employment since he's been rehired at his current job as a temp. Someone suggest me a good wedding planner~

5. Sleep better. Get more sleep.
This commute to the south bay is slowly eating away at my ability to sleep and I think my slight weight gain (regained about 6 lbs in the past year... so from 110 to 116) has to do with the sleep loss more than the food at google itself, which is why I'm looking more into HIIT to cut down my workout time and thus get more time for other things in general, which should ideally just get me to sleep sooner. ... JUST NEED TO GET TO SLEEP SOONER. It's harddd. Seriously though, because I have to be up at 6:30 for my ridiculous commute, I would need to be DEAD PAN ASLEEP by 10:30 to get a full night's rest??? LOL. I consider myself seriously lucky if I can get to sleep before 1, and in most cases I'm getting to sleep closer to 2 because I just have too many things I need to do at night. And by "night" I don't even get home until after 7 pm. So to exercise, shower, eat dinner and do all my extra things by 10pm so that I can get half an hour to settle into bed? LOL. By the time I even get to dinner it's usually past 10. I'm super starved by then so I take my time to eat. Trying to eat lighter for dinner but I always feel like if I don't eat enough, I'll get hungry again before I actually fall asleep, because I don't get very sleepy after I eat anymore, but I can't sleep on an empty stomach either.

As for prioritizing these... UHHHh
life is hard
we're not getting younger
my rent went up 50 bucks a month, norcal housing......... :\

Self ref links (with images, cuz the all-text ones make no sense to me)
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