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  • Thu, 13:21: RT @NintendoInq: Getting ready to be a true Pokémon Master? More details about Pokémon GO have been revealed! https://t.co/2VW1b0Ce1h https…
  • Thu, 13:21: How Pokémon Go will benefit from Niantic’s lessons from Ingress on location-based game design https://t.co/kXloyR0f8W via @GamesBeat
  • Thu, 14:30: people who complain about smash but hardly even play the game, sigh
  • Thu, 14:42: wow, the struggle with this dev continues... at this point I can't even say cuz it's so bad
  • Thu, 14:43: well the one thing I CAN say is holy shit he opened up two MORE threads outside the original one today urging us to go fast
  • Thu, 14:57: I'm confused why that article on niantic on venturebeats says Event in China and the screenshot text is korean
  • Thu, 15:04: "There will be teams to join in Pok�mon (GO), more than two. Those teams will compete against one another." TOHOHOHO GUILD NO JIKAN DESU
  • Thu, 15:09: originally I decided to get fit a few years ago because of cosplay, but staying fit for Pokemon GO is pretty damn motivating w
  • Thu, 15:11: RT @catpic_album: 装備したぜ! https://t.co/2tEv8qE7q3
  • Thu, 15:16: My first MMO (RO) experience was amazing, a total stranger I met while stabbing pupas literally spent half a day teaching me the basics
  • Thu, 15:17: and that is why I will forever be archer class XD;;;
  • Thu, 15:18: even though I'm pretty good at all the other classes too. Cleric/support was my 2nd fav.. this all applies to dragon's crown too
  • Thu, 15:18: There are a lot of similarities from Ragnarok Online and Dragon's Crown when I really think of it, plenty of differences obviously too
  • Thu, 15:20: I really regret some of the things I did concerning RO but overall I'm super glad for it
  • Thu, 15:53: yayyy I got my first special project themed t-shirt from work~ the design concept is so vague though but I guess that's a good thing w
  • Thu, 16:03: RT @UnlistedLeaf: Giveaway! To win this AMAZING POKEMON PIZE PACK all you have to do is Follow & RT I'll DM the winner in 19 days https:…
  • Thu, 16:24: RT @GamepIay: If you pause Blanka half way through a spin it looks like he's going through the worst break up ever https://t.co/YXmK2JfJvQ
  • Thu, 19:57: RT @hinopika: ポケモン×ITS’DEMO ピンクフードのピカチュウきゃわわ(//∇//) タブンネさんいるじゃん!!タブンネさん!!!! https://t.co/dYL1UiQB9U
  • Thu, 19:57: RT @hinopika: ポケモン×ITS’DEMO 本日新発売!! 今回のネックレスはペアピカチュウ・プリン・ミュウの3種類が登場です(^-^)/ https://t.co/RrLiH2hBjK
  • Fri, 10:58: stupid stupid stupid mac keeps adjusting my browser window to extend to the bottom of the screen, THERE'S A REASON I DON'T, STOP MOVING ugh
  • Fri, 11:07: shockwave plugin sure likes to die on eBay a lot and slow everything down =w=
  • Fri, 11:21: ?? Confused the Jia chinese cafe I used to go to is no longer producing menus, did they change the name or something?
  • Fri, 11:35: coworker commented on the shibacam yesterday and just off the bat assumed the owners just breed shibas all year around ;;;;;;
  • Fri, 13:08: I wanna know people's favorite game OSTs
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