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  • Mon, 12:47: I remember in a team meeting at my previous job I went "FUZAKENNAYO" to my lead at the time & that was the most exasperated I'd ever gotten
  • Mon, 12:48: since that had no affect I was just a quiet little miser doing things efficiently only when needed since there was no reward otherwise
  • Mon, 12:50: but fellow coworker will always joyfully recount that when we end up talking about our times there & it makes me satisfied
  • Mon, 12:50: I don't even remember what the exact issue was but 9 out of 10 chances it was about the art direction of the project
  • Mon, 16:17: Families Get Screwed Sending Dollars To Mexico. TransferWise Does It 4X�Cheaper https://t.co/Ul9krnUbxr
  • Mon, 16:18: places being transparent about their markup fees is good
  • Mon, 16:21: https://t.co/YnG9GYofYg
  • Mon, 22:13: My extra megazard y mega tokyo poncho heading out tomorrow in a nicely packed flat-rate :3 arigatou https://t.co/njm9R2N5GN
  • Mon, 22:13: RT @Pokeshopper: Pokeshopper News : New Huge Pikachu/Charizard Nebukuro announced for XY & Z release. Details https://t.co/RqqD4iOCDQ https…
  • Mon, 22:14: haha how huge is huge
  • Tue, 01:01: RT @Siliconera: Tales of the Rays Announced For Smartphone https://t.co/VrQcLsBUm2
  • Tue, 01:19: sometimes I wanna tell japan to get out of their fucking niches & adapt tech, but at the same time there's still a weird legit place for it
  • Tue, 01:20: like whoever decided to give Gingerbread UI to Pokemon Shuffle on android ugh
  • Tue, 01:21: in that case...no, there's just no excuse for it other than japan being behind as fuck
  • Tue, 01:24: I'm glad Pokemon GO has a lot of Googlers involved though, when it's all Japancentric it goes straight into that pothole
  • Tue, 01:27: Japan is the origin of my piracy dohoho
  • Tue, 01:27: gotta find one piece
  • Tue, 01:28: srsly tho since we've got jailbroken PS3 now, Berseria :V
  • Tue, 01:28: RT @tizu___tama: ミュウツーゲットしたのにスマホ版のプレゼント…残念。ここまでやってきたけど、最近は楽しむことよりも作業ゲーでポケとる続けるの辛くなってきた。エキストラで消えていったたくさんのコインたち…消えてはニャース貯めてはフルアイテムの繰り返しそして今回の…
  • Tue, 09:03: RT @pikachu25volt: 姉貴が4回ガチャやった結果が………!!!!! https://t.co/LvHHKOmkw6
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