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09 December 2015 @ 09:13 am
Just for the record--Digimon tri  
I'm semi-decided that I'm not going to bother watching Digimon tri until the entire thing has been released because
1. (lack of) interest
2. time
3. lack of desire to have to deal with cliffhangers

Mostly 3, really. The other two are just bad excuses. Cuz seriously, months-long wait between things like this tend to make me never finish them in the end. Still haven't finished OVAs for series I've been following like Magi, Noragami and whatnot. MetalGarurumon Figuarts figure is so purty. The upcoming stuff seems nice too, but I'm settling with just Digicolle for now.

So basically I'm giving tri the Avatar treatment with a tinnnny but of merch support, if it even counts since MetalGarurumon and Digicolle are based off the original seasons XD;;; I'll still enjoy tri for sure!!! ...When I finally, at last, yoooooyaku, get to it.

I'm staying off the obvious sources for spoilers in the meantime (not like I haven't already for the past 5+ years), but we'll see how much of it leaks off into my face before I get to it~ Negative hype for every spoiler or push!