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  • Wed, 22:20: keep saying that I miss cooking and wish had the free time to do so now, but when I lose 5-6 hrs a day commutting it just doesn't
  • Wed, 22:23: legitly hating california traffic because that ride should take less than an hour but it always ends up being 2+
  • Wed, 22:29: now that I think of it my phone used to notify me of accidents along my commute on daily basis, I think it gave up cuz EVERY EFFING DAY
  • Wed, 22:31: but enough about traffic, things could always be worseeeeeeeeee
  • Wed, 22:32: ok fandom, when someone's being so negative about something it just makes you want to stop bothering with that fandom altogether |D go awai
  • Wed, 23:42: Bandai posables https://t.co/GGYsZ9bH3H
  • Wed, 23:57: Katamari On The Wings - Katamari Forever Official Soundtrack https://t.co/DY2Mw3HjYj soooooo stuck in my head ahhhhhh
  • Thu, 09:03: fairly often forgetting to take out about 10 pounds worth of stuff off my bags/backpack on daily basis, so more backpack exercise w
  • Thu, 09:08: RT @Polygon: We hung out with the very lovable Pikachu Build-A-Bear, which launches later this month https://t.co/PvebkAIvBV https://t.co/J
  • Thu, 09:11: llama-san https://t.co/jGKXvHPw0p
  • Thu, 09:18: Remember there's also Steiff Pikachu https://t.co/4VXriQrR3L but I can't get this free unlike build-a-bear so LOL
  • Thu, 09:19: RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Update: Pokémon Picross is now available on the North American 3DS eShop https://t.co/oV6DIIA7Ub https://t.co/VDTfU
  • Thu, 09:19: Played some more Picross yesterday and it got easier than I thought, I just don't like that there are time-related goals
  • Thu, 09:20: puzzles like that I don't want to feel pressured to complete it within a set time, that's how casual I've gotten pfft
  • Thu, 09:20: really need to get back to finishing the layton games
  • Thu, 09:25: light glare on screen, you nemesis. Go awaiiiiii pleaseeeee......
  • Thu, 09:55: RT @AmiiboAlerts: Nintendo Pres. Kimishima considers U.S. toy market "crowded," considers EU/JPN expansion: https://t.co/I6AtTCsVJ5 https:/…
  • Thu, 09:56: "Amiibo are being picked up more as a collection item at this point, rather than as an interactive item with software" SHOULDN'T SURPRISE
  • Thu, 09:58: google custom amiibo, nintendo
  • Thu, 09:59: um if they really want amiibos to be more interactive with the game they need to fix the issue that they have only 1 save slot
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