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19 November 2015 @ 03:45 pm
$ summaries  
GC = Giftcard

Swagbucks : No earning limits, 1 SB = 1 cent
Started: June 13, 2015
2015: at least $400 (40,000 SB + various bonuses/discounts)
2016: ~$250 (Around 24118 SB)
Great when nCrave is around for easy SB earning-- It goes on and off throughout the year. Used to get a lot more with the mobile Swag TV app in 2015, but that has rather died off in 2016.
Processes rewards within a week. First $25 GC reward of the month is always discounted. $25 Paypal is next best if you get more than 2500 SB a month.

Perk : $600/yr limit (Switch phones to Swag once limit is met, or just hoard points for the next year), 24250 = $25 Amazon GC through Perk Wallet app, or 48500 points = $50 Amazon GC through Perk Wallet app
Started: June 6, 2015
Earned: (see tracking)
Essentially up to 5 devices running their game apps to earn points passively. Their apps freeze up a bunch as of late and the points earnings has been super slow. Looking for better alternatives but nothing's come through. RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE.
Processes rewards within a week, but usually only takes ~3 days.

Year 2016 tracking:
1/8: $25 amazon
1/20: $25 amazon
1/31: $25 amazon
2/17: $25 amazon
2/29: $25 amazon
3/18: $25 amazon
4/6: $25 amazon
5/2: $25 amazon
6/3: $25 amazon
7/13: $25 amazon
8/3: $25 amazon
8/26: $25 amazon
9/12: $25 amazon
10/10: $25 amazon

Year 2017 (so effing slow...):
3/3: $25 amazon
7/19: $25 amazon - $400 total

Checkpoints (Contact me for referral~) : 3350 points for $10 Amazon GC.
Started: August 14, 2015
Earned: $60 (7/7/17)
Most stable of the passive apps but earning is SO SLOW. Using only one phone for this (doesn't allow multiple devices afaik) and don't check on this nearly as much as the other phones. Gets about $10 every ~50 days, as long as the app is running properly. Claims to take up to 14 days to process reward but usually takes only a day, and one time is was almost instant!

I should add a mention to Ebates as well, although obviously it's not a passive earning app, but cash back earned when shopping at certain places online. Recent places I've used it at are eBay, Toys R Us, Uniqlo, Build-A-Bear, etc...
Risninetails on November 21st, 2015 06:16 am (UTC)
somehow I made 2 swagbucks account (I have no idea why I did) years ago... ughh gotta figure out to delete it and start using it again with your code.

I think with eBates I earned around $15 from shipping at Sephora online haha.

and hmm since I have the time I've earned quite a lot from user studies at tech companies... Twitter $100, Yahoo! $150, FB $50, and Google combined ~$300 in the past 2 and half+ years

Checkpoints sounds interesting. will check it out. ^^
Splashsplash on November 23rd, 2015 06:02 pm (UTC)
hehe I did one of the Twitter studies back when I was still working in SF. Was fun visiting their office. But yeah SwagBucks is definitely the best out of the passive earning sites--the only reason I'm doing so well with Perk is because I have SO many extra devices to run their game apps on to earn points. The actual point-earning is slow per device, but it builds up much faster when I'm running it on all 5 they allow...

Checkpoints is euh, I'd only recommend it if you have an extra phone that you don't have the time to check on except like maybe once a day. I leave my Checkpoints phone over the weekend at my workplace to run. The app has usually frozen by the time I come back but once in a while it actually stays alive, which is still the most stable thus far. BUT if you're going to use any device to passively earn things and have some freedom to check them a few times a day, I'd recommend Swag/Perk apps over Checkpoints anyday, Checkpoints earning is RIDICULOUSLY slow with not much reward.