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  • Wed, 15:54: Driver says Uber targeted his profile after he critiqued high-level executive https://t.co/z5EeVaJbPQ
  • Wed, 16:02: uu my stomach's usually good after a gluttonous dessert but today's, not so.. note to self stick with the fruit
  • Wed, 16:21: RT @lizardonpikachu: うひよ! https://t.co/VSsuaJrEgN
  • Wed, 19:19: RT @pikachu25volt: 浮き出るピカチュウ!!!!! https://t.co/j5dXIkjTfw
  • Wed, 19:19: AR Pikachu motivate me to exercise nau
  • Wed, 19:21: The one thing I hate about the wii is how you can't do anything without the mote
  • Wed, 23:18: mu mu, wish I could compare my muscle:fat ratio now, 1, and 2 years ago but I have none of these stats
  • Thu, 00:02: hmm used to get through work mornings on simple fruit/veggie like half a cucumber/clementines, I should try that again
  • Thu, 00:03: cereal is a great vitamin-sugar rush but I don't need that sugar when I'm less verbal in this job compared to the previous w ;;
  • Thu, 00:09: ah, but the biggest thing, JUST DRINK MORE WATER, ME. I go through these bottles so quickly BUT IT'LL NEVER BE TOO MUCH
  • Thu, 00:10: RT @PokeFans_Taiwan: 台湾ピカチュウテーマ駅限定グッズ,12月中オープン!! https://t.co/8P1RPeZKdC
  • Thu, 00:11: wao, taiwan-exclusive pika goods
  • Thu, 00:18: speaking of, I didn't know about part of the team in the Taipei 101 office until today. natsui
  • Thu, 00:19: Sweet old man of a relative spent a whole afternoon touring me in & around Taipei 101, best tour guide ever because--
  • Thu, 00:20: he didn't force me to move along when I found something I wanted to look at for longer, he was so patient
  • Thu, 00:21: also he didn't give me boring explanations of things, he was straight to the point and spoke sparsely
  • Thu, 00:22: although I wonder how much of that part was because my mandarin sucks so hard. but he was always a quiet guy in general
  • Thu, 00:24: old chap is in a wheelchair now and has lost a LOT of weight (he was thin already). Also he scored a perfect in JLPT1 back in the day GAH XD
  • Thu, 00:25: world war II vet man
  • Thu, 08:55: RT @kriscarmi: ;________; https://t.co/oYYryVPARH
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