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  • Tue, 09:47: lulz even amiiboalerts predictions forgot there's supposed to be a Roy amiibo... I'M SORRY ROY I love Fire Emblem 6...
  • Tue, 09:48: I guess it doesn't help that Fire Emblem amiibo faces are all so derpy
  • Tue, 09:49: RT @LiariyaLiSA: ひえっ https://t.co/RFwnDTQslQ
  • Tue, 09:49: baseball team mascots are scary
  • Tue, 09:50: "please tell me what this game's promotional board is for" is that not self-explanatory
  • Tue, 09:56: I have issues when people don't provide context
  • Tue, 10:11: lady saw me cutting packaging tape with scissors & asked if the scissors was mine, didn't mean to sound offputting in my response but I did
  • Tue, 10:11: I did a really flat "No", because I'd just gone around the other side of the building to get new scissors cuz SOMEONE took the old pair
  • Tue, 10:12: I've seen like 3 pairs of scissors and 5 tape dispensers mysteriously disappear in the past few months at those workstations sigh
  • Tue, 11:29: in a mood for pizza today for once, so I do pizza
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