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  • Tue, 21:43: almost forgot I took home a pomegranate today w
  • Tue, 21:48: roomie doing a terrible job at closing the fridge door lately... aging fridge so if you let it close "on its own" it'll hardly close...
  • Wed, 06:45: I see I literally fell asleep in the middle of playing chain chronicle last night, didn't even take glasses off
  • Wed, 08:18: Kekkon seikou ;;; OnoD kimoi~ suki kamo https://t.co/Dz9OkHng50
  • Wed, 08:21: There must be a small populace of females out there who play FE solely for the amie aspects lulz
  • Wed, 08:24: Male version of MU's kid is way more precious than the female one sorry
  • Wed, 10:29: got a chair from ergo to give my back rest once in a while, but discovering that any chair with a back puts me to sleep within half an hour
  • Wed, 10:31: RT @Polygon: A possible new Valkyrie Chronicles game has an official English title https://t.co/eEmUTzbcwF https://t.co/F1AIucftQa
  • Wed, 10:31: wtf her body proportions are so awkward how is this a cover image https://t.co/NTjHeGxkEe
  • Wed, 10:32: I thought her head was photoshopped on from another pic but.. it isn't
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