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  • Fri, 00:03: It's not a very soft cat at ALL but he really likes the way I pet him so it's encouraging at least
  • Fri, 00:04: not much different from the way I pet Lina, but instead more all-body focus since Lina didn't like much beyond her face XD
  • Fri, 00:04: RT @Lystrialle: Neko Atsume got an official English translation and...these names... https://t.co/mD1cC65qe0
  • Fri, 00:09: buu too bad I renamed about half my cats, guess I could rename them back to default... but I named most of them after seiyuu... :3c
  • Fri, 00:11: shimono and kajikaji are my 2nd most frequent visitors, followed by kishow, nojinii and nojiken w but "happy" tops them all
  • Fri, 00:12: RT @nekoatsume_tw: Android版/iOS版、Ver1.4.5リリースしました。ついに、ねこあつめが英語に対応!新たにレアねこ、グッズ、もようがえも追加しています。 https://t.co/5Nknm564hO
  • Fri, 07:02: Another (lesser) complaint I have about 3ds beside the cartridge spring is being able to save only 3 wifi spots... Ancient limitations
  • Fri, 08:33: RT @Crunchyroll: Beauty Beauty Beautiful Friday https://t.co/hLBNoN6m2v
  • Fri, 08:34: RT @habisan: トリックオアトリート! https://t.co/OBbUEDCycJ
  • Fri, 09:01: Pokemon McD Happy Meal toys in the US it's been a while, Rayquaza and Lugia do want!~~~ Gotta eat them all https://t.co/1nKTwF8IPl
  • Fri, 09:35: recruiters why do you bother me with your 3-month temporary positions :3c
  • Fri, 09:37: dun forget there's chikuchiku pokecen next week too gaiz xD
  • Fri, 11:01: hino go to sleep https://t.co/bZORueVrdW
  • Fri, 11:06: there's dirt for dessert today hngg
  • Fri, 11:06: dis: {Milk Chocolate}, {Milk}, {Cream}, {Chocolate}, Sugar, {Oreo}, {Gelatin}, {Gummy Worm}, Vanilla
  • Fri, 11:09: I've yet to meet anyone who has as much serious fascination with reading the ingredients for everything she eats as much as much as me
  • Fri, 11:17: confused was it always this difficult to scroll through pages in individual cat photo albums in neko atsume?
  • Fri, 11:21: ahaha after playing through Nohr I finally figured out what I was missing to get through early chapters in hard mode in Fire Emblem if
  • Fri, 11:22: It was so basic but I just wasn't aware during my first playthrough and the tutorial didn't indicate it at all |D;; eh
  • Fri, 11:23: I guess it didn't have to since the element was technically introduced in an earlier chapter and it was an optional method to clear the map
  • Fri, 11:23: RT @mega_girlshobby: 【告知】明日も11月5日予約開始メガハウス新商品を、とり子ブログで先行紹介するメガ♪デジモンアドベンチャー「デジコレ!DATA3」の気になるラインナップも⁉︎チラッ☆https://t.co/rzCZy3MPCE #digimon ht…
  • Fri, 11:39: Hello world I accidentally wore my underwear inside out today and I'm not going to bother fixing it, just so you know
  • Fri, 11:41: Coworkers talking about ___ shop is anti-black friday & praising them, to me that's more like pfft don't want to give customers sales huh
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