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  • Wed, 16:18: Official Android Blog:Google Play Games: capture and share the moment https://t.co/GVpiQmRDgH via @android
  • Wed, 19:10: played super mystery dungeon on the way home for 2 hours only for me to accidentally pop the 3ds cartridge, again. Guess I'm done
  • Wed, 19:11: RT @NintendoInq: Shigeru Miyamoto has reassured the audience that DeNA is only handling the operation of the apps, game design is being han…
  • Wed, 19:35: various temptations to verbally dismantle the "attractiveness" of the men in dance with devils
  • Wed, 20:13: seller puts up auc, takes down auc, puts it 8000 bin that sells, now puts it back up at twice the starting bid price, wat
  • Wed, 20:21: RT @NintendoInq: Nintendo's investor's meeting is over, expect a summary article soon! https://t.co/BvP8HWqsPp
  • Wed, 20:22: RT @NintendoInq: It looks like Nintendo Account will feature a rewards scheme, at least in Japan. https://t.co/5CDJSfu5Vr
  • Wed, 20:24: please to establish lots of local community events to capture epic pokemon together when GO comes out, make the vision come true
  • Wed, 20:26: I know the CM showed mewtwo in times square but I'm guessing there would be many various hotspots when events like that actually happen
  • Wed, 20:27: RT @kriscarmi: NOW I CAN HAVE GROWLITHE BUTTS AND GABU BUTTS!!! :o https://t.co/bSTAENmQg6
  • Wed, 20:28: digimon following the butt trend too! Gotta saw though rubber clips are more useful than what poke released (one-sided items, eh)
  • Wed, 20:29: saw *say XD;;; too bad I don't really have any necessity for clips in general, unless someone wants to give me ideas :D
  • Wed, 20:30: aside from HEAVY DUTY clips that I use to enclose rice bag
  • Wed, 20:43: the things you start to observe when you live with ppl who come from completely different backgrounds, age, etc...
  • Wed, 20:44: I don't understand why my roomie goes through more an entire bar of unscented dove body soap EVERY SINGLE WEEK, no outlying skin condition
  • Wed, 20:46: also his shampoo/conditioner are the fancy type that cost like $50 for a bottle of a size I get for $10...?
  • Wed, 20:47: things I really want to know why but don't have the guts to bring up |D
  • Wed, 20:48: RT @figsoku: figma テーブル美術館「ダビデ像」予約開始!投石器などが付属 https://t.co/maTWvoWLbL https://t.co/pYOoQJ8Y9y
  • Wed, 22:48: Sigh USPS proposing price increases to Priority rates for next year https://t.co/8rFGD0n0NL
  • Wed, 22:49: Yep that does it gonna do a whole bunch of lot selling for the rest of the year before those prices go up, then I'm doneeeee
  • Wed, 22:52: Can I make big changes on the fly? That's how I fly anyway apparently xD; But my love for love is consistent :)
  • Thu, 00:27: Sending out a quick newsletter to those subscribed to the pokesales in a bit~~~
  • Thu, 00:29: I'd use LINE more if their notification system was more customizable & there wasn't so much TERRIBLE. SPAM. has that changed at all recently
  • Thu, 00:34: I remember getting game invitations I don't care for, group invites I don't care for, just seriously invites everywhere I don't CARE FOR
  • Thu, 08:01: https://t.co/ybBNsp9TWP figuarts poke and digi ahhh
  • Thu, 08:04: RT @twittakarai: フライングhappy halloweenと100万部ありがとうイラスト(ㅍ_ㅍ)(•ㅿ•) https://t.co/BiQ88MySWK
  • Thu, 08:04: RT @Polygon: Mobile isn’t the games industry you recognize, and that’s great https://t.co/y4Cdjm5ye3 https://t.co/7iO84Oadpl
  • Thu, 08:31: I decided to go for lazy and doing kigurumi for googleween today
  • Thu, 09:03: kigurumi is such a big hit lol it's such a lazy costume yay XD;
  • Thu, 09:03: RT @RPGSite: Today is National Cat Day in England, so here's to the RPG cat that caused your mom to get lost in a rift in time https://t.co
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