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  • Mon, 12:58: Planning to get this year's flu shot on my birthday wooottt
  • Mon, 14:51: "People in 2017 will look back and say we had it easy" | https://t.co/8uszHhppYn https://t.co/0dvTOiwCyT
  • Mon, 14:58: tl;dr mobile game app market is already super saturated & it'll be hard to make anything bigger from here on, unless you're pokemon GO ;) w
  • Mon, 16:20: The matte surface is so ideal for pan stickers ww Riolu in honor of my super mystery dungeon partner! https://t.co/YMrxfZvDgz
  • Mon, 21:33: setting up some more big plush lots tonight/tmr ^q^
  • Mon, 23:04: A vappy so new it even has extra mink spine attached still https://t.co/UsHqPnVTIC
  • Mon, 23:58: RT @kd_magari: 劇的ビフォーアフター。今回の匠は天性のハンドメイドパワーと魔性の女子力を意のままにする、みりんこちゃんさん【@mirinko7】。フェルトの柔らかさを残しながらも、手応えのある作りに匠の業がキラリと光ります(掲載許可を頂きました) http://t…
  • Tue, 08:39: https://t.co/lSZP6hek9V dude
  • Tue, 09:25: preorder the pikabuildabear online for charizard costume w
  • Tue, 09:36: yeesh when poke collabs with ____ company they're on the news way more often than their standalone releases pffft
  • Tue, 09:37: Pikachu joins Build-A-Bear Workshop next year, awaits your hugs https://t.co/irUxvGPVbf via @Polygon
  • Tue, 09:38: person in comment "thinking about borrowing a friend’s kid for the afternoon so I can discreetly buy one for myself." pfft coward
  • Tue, 09:38: also just buy online w
  • Tue, 10:27: holy skdfhkjdhf meetings put me to sleep almost faster than horror movies
  • Tue, 11:02: RT @AmiiboNews: Some additional comparison shots of the Mewtwo amiibo from @Denko971. Looks like Palutena has the height advantage! https:/…
  • Tue, 11:03: mewtwo's tail eroi
  • Tue, 11:09: dear online international buyers - BOOKS ARE HEAVY. SHIPPING IS BASED OFF WEIGHT AND BOOKS ARE HEAVY
  • Tue, 11:18: https://t.co/XEjtC7gKpd I thought this poll was for the other way around pfft
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