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  • Wed, 13:21: I see in the two weeks I've been on this temp project that minion hasn't been able to manage the deadlines for our usual one sigh
  • Wed, 13:22: RT @NintendoAmerica: Have you checked out the beautiful #SuperMarioMaker artbook? It’s included with every retail version of the game! http…
  • Wed, 13:26: RT @Kotaku: Mario's voice actor plays Mario Maker, and it's a trip: http://t.co/bEHvONgWWI http://t.co/t7Qfb4tb0I
  • Wed, 13:40: as more years go by, the less interest I have in hollywood movies & the more I wish I were doing something else while watching them
  • Wed, 13:41: Rather be watching a documentary or learning to do new things like CUSTOM PLUSHIES... ONE OF THESE DAYS unf
  • Wed, 15:46: I don't think that person's gonna find a Reshiram pokedoll MWT shipped to Mexico for less than $100... and with priority shipping LOL
  • Wed, 15:51: Just to give an idea, priority mail service to mexico starts at like $27
  • Wed, 15:54: I have issues with articles promoting ____ juice because a juice will never win over the actual food it's made out of so
  • Wed, 16:14: RT @chiiiipoke: ポケモン棚全体の写メが見つからなかったけど、ミュウのがみつかったので便乗です(*^◯^*)!! #みんなの部屋のポケモン事情教えてよ http://t.co/ZkORpTnU7q
  • Wed, 16:49: What the serious fuck the cartridge spring literally activated while I was casually playing on my 3ds, please fix this next gen Nintendo =_=
  • Wed, 16:49: Lost progress
  • Wed, 16:49: ...again, twice today
  • Wed, 18:50: RT @RPGSite: Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, featuring a new key visual. Out next year worldwide. http://t.co/yrFq8wM4Zy
  • Wed, 22:02: It's finally happened http://t.co/XHeIWYB3AQ
  • Wed, 22:05: it feels weird that I've had a driver's license for more than 10 years but because of my hatred for driving, it doesn't feel like it at all
  • Wed, 22:07: also registered to vote when I got my license, so that's happening too. but goddamn this means I'll get jury duty BS calls too now right
  • Wed, 22:08: apparently you have to physically go to the courthouse whenever you get the call in Cali? so stupid, michigan is way more organized
  • Wed, 22:09: both times I got jury duty call in Michigan, you just mail back a survey that they've paid postage on and there's an online system to check
  • Wed, 22:10: also they don't fucking compensate time in Cali unless you go over a day? Michigan is by the hour
  • Wed, 22:23: A good fridge/freezer can SERIOUSLY save you a lot of money each year, not just on energy but food preservation and everything indirect too
  • Thu, 09:35: Niantic Raises $20M From Google, Pok�mon Company, And�Nintendo http://t.co/vvyHLZdfXF via @techcrunch Oh there's an English article :3
  • Thu, 09:41: "It’s not EA, it’s not Zynga, it’s something that requires more imagination and an open mind to believe in." <- Ouch this line lolol
  • Thu, 11:28: Everything to prep for 2016!! So many big things happening
  • Thu, 11:29: Work hard, play even harder +w+
  • Thu, 11:30: almond jello and flan at the dessert bar today, I know the flan is awesome but almond jello wat, expectations :3c
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