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  • Wed, 12:59: diddy patch unplanned release date http://t.co/NQaAqhKc87
  • Wed, 12:59: RT @TSMZeRo: When Pac Man had a glitch that killed you at 0 if you touched his Up B, no one banned him. When Mewtwo was glitched, no ban. D…
  • Wed, 13:01: thinking now, should've taken screenshots of yoshi's dirty tongue going through Diddy ehehehe
  • Wed, 13:18: yes lady, please notice that I am judging you with my RBF when you take 6 towels just to dry your hands when 1 should be enough...
  • Wed, 13:44: 獵... 猎... argh I need to be better at detecting simplified/traditional chinese on these apps
  • Wed, 16:24: Trello, Magisto, Quora, Yummly... many app names not familiar with atm but will be in the coming days w
  • Wed, 16:30: higher up wondering if I just work more efficiently or other people are less efficient & she concludes it's both lolol
  • Wed, 16:30: in retrospect I should've noted there were certain differences in the processes that explained why the efficiency level seemed dif tho, mm
  • Wed, 18:48: http://t.co/tqc4vw46ZP
  • Wed, 21:15: Cruel indeed. (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U) https://t.co/zRo4FkD2a0 via @YouTube
  • Thu, 00:56: $25 that can buy a REALLY nice sushi buffet or pokebutts or things like that
  • Thu, 01:31: Recalling a very defining moment in high school when my standmate in orchestra assumed game music was trash but then-
  • Thu, 01:31: We sight read a final fantasy orchestral arrangement of eyes on me in class and her mind was quietly blown
  • Thu, 01:33: To this day though I don't know what level of trash she was thinking of lol
  • Thu, 01:34: People and their crazy assumptions are a mysterious thing. had a lot myself growing up, still have a lot to rid of
  • Thu, 09:09: $43 in USPS shipping today, do well with it gaiz
  • Thu, 09:34: RT @nekoatsume_tw: 10月13日よりローソンでねこあつめハロウィンキャンペーンを開催します。対象商品を購入してローソン限定のメタルチャームをゲットしよう。キャンペーンの詳細はこちらから→http://t.co/3CPdEqAHkv http://t.co/B5
  • Thu, 09:47: Does Pokemon Start After a Massive War? https://t.co/FPPyDrIVrD via @YouTube - aka when PBS starts talking about Pokemon :D
  • Thu, 09:55: RT @mami_gurumi: あああっ……!!!! http://t.co/sMpQ8RkQlP
  • Thu, 09:58: Kirby and Charizard... it's like http://t.co/DNyZ5JQier :D
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