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  • Tue, 18:50: For 40 years, no one knew this woman discovered a malaria cure. Now she's won a Nobel. http://t.co/63jPKX5oCH via @voxdotcom
  • Tue, 18:53: http://t.co/oZZkixqbg6
  • Tue, 19:21: eh n/m they're different things but rolled out at the same time. what is this spam twitter
  • Tue, 19:27: guys I don't act on things unless I have enough context so
  • Tue, 20:02: *turns off EVERYTHING except direct msgs and @ s*
  • Tue, 20:02: web notifies me of anything else anyway
  • Tue, 20:04: lololol work account from old job still on my accounts, okay bye don't need you
  • Tue, 20:05: I'm surprised that company is still alive
  • Tue, 20:08: should I care about any anime this season other than OPM and Noragami, I guess there's shingeki spinoff too but it's weird
  • Tue, 20:39: *doesn't read the handbook* *passes DMV text test for california driver's license first try* yatta~
  • Tue, 20:40: wonder how many questions you were allowed to get wrong
  • Tue, 20:42: seriously though half the time I was taking the test I was recalling situations where NO ONE FOLLOWS THE LAW
  • Tue, 20:43: especially pedestrian having to walk the entire crosswalk before the car can go ppl behind would honk the f out of you if you waited
  • Wed, 09:13: RT @matome_pokemon: 300RT:大正義ガブリアス、ガルーラを抜いて1位に返り咲く http://t.co/srVzPHfiBx :ぽけりん #ポケモン http://t.co/FSlBlnG12g
  • Wed, 09:19: oh right there's a new utawarerumono >w< ~
  • Wed, 09:28: RT @NineInchBride: Student Activism: How Medical Students Can Affect #HealthJustice http://t.co/wqHBiWDR9E #TenOne #SinglePayer http://t.co
  • Wed, 09:30: I've presented to a crowd of hundreds about taiwan's awesome health care. Almost had to do it again but I had moved to cali before the req w
  • Wed, 09:32: Although... presenting to hundreds of near-complete strangers is easier than presenting to a small class of like 15 ppl
  • Wed, 09:33: I don't talk much but when I'm forced to have the podium, a lot of ppl get surprised about how concise I am in my presentations, why w
  • Wed, 09:35: Once in Japanese my presentation partner ate up 8 minutes of our 10-min presentation & I had 2 minutes to break down 5 min I had prepped
  • Wed, 09:36: I got all the important points in and later on the teacher gave me her compliments about the impromptu conciseness w
  • Wed, 09:36: nihongo de yatta no, MUZUKATTA YO...
  • Wed, 09:37: in a way I didn't care the partner ate up the time because... MY grade wasn't affected, and well... I hate talking, so talking less yay
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