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  • Thu, 19:29: Requested http://t.co/86htgQV9mc
  • Thu, 21:03: I'm glad I'm not a picky eater, tho I have some things that physically evoke a necessity to vomit (like radish cake, because of the texture)
  • Thu, 21:03: it's sad because I naturally like the look of radish cake but as soon as I start chewing my body wants to vomit
  • Thu, 21:04: the first time my mom made radish cake she got the texture wrong and it was mushy like mashed potatoes, and I COULD EAT IT
  • Thu, 21:05: IT WAS SO GOOD. And then from then on she got the texture "right" and it became inedible for me :\
  • Thu, 21:06: I thought something was abhorrently wrong with me until a friend in high school told me that jazz music physically makes him vomit too
  • Thu, 21:06: it's serious, not joking as sillystupid as it seems >_>;
  • Thu, 21:08: on the other hand, I've known someone who hates the texture of noodles, another who hated any eggs that aren't purely scrambled
  • Thu, 21:08: neither have the vomit-evoking issue but just simply "don't like it" and it just makes me shake my head, they're missing out on so much good
  • Thu, 21:09: RT @CoyoteInTheHat: 5 minutes into Pokemon and chill and he gives you this look. http://t.co/2MZEYG7Pzk
  • Thu, 21:10: what a beautiful lucario...
  • Thu, 21:10: RT @allinialuna: Johto starters + evos MPCs in machines starting today! http://t.co/7Y3I6Pnezn
  • Thu, 21:13: RT @Shiinya1026: @Junichi_Masuda 増田さんこんばんは!はじめまして!ねぶくろコレクションが可愛いすぎて手作りのホルビーねぶくろを作ってみました!手縫いだしクオリティ低いですがこれからもっとたくさんポケモンのねぶくろを作っていきたいです! http…
  • Thu, 21:53: for a guy who professionally works in food prep industry I don't get why my roommate can NEVER keep the dish detergent in the same spot
  • Thu, 21:53: seriously, dish detergent
  • Thu, 22:46: ぽこっ、とかわいい。ポケモンの「おしり」グッズ「HIP POP! PARADE」がポケモンセンターに登場! |ポケットモンスターオフィシャルサイト http://t.co/Qu8plcBWLz BOXERs... *breathes*
  • Fri, 08:08: Cyndaquil passed it onto shinx~ http://t.co/TYHp9vLvCo
  • Fri, 09:33: ugh paypal just gets more broken by the day
  • Fri, 09:55: People who complain about having to pay less than 12 bucks shipping for a 5 pound box of stuff herp
  • Fri, 09:56: still don't understand whose idea it was to put the "your tweet was posted" notification on web right on TOP of the "What's happening" box
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