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  • Wed, 01:45: But still almost $8k a year on rent payments that will never come back to me sigh. Want a house
  • Wed, 06:36: Dear neighbor I'm glad the houses aren't connected because the bass on your tv is the most inefficient disturbance of noise ever
  • Wed, 07:17: Wish I could take a pic but difficult on moving bus, this "wag hotel"has huge closeups of dog pics on their walls and there's a shiba inu
  • Wed, 07:18: Among all these American dogs--shiba has come a long way and hits more common recognition in US thanks to internet memes *nods*
  • Wed, 07:19: I really wouldn't be half as interested in that kind of thing if my sister didn't have her shiba for the past like 10 years
  • Wed, 09:04: $30 spent on shipping this morning, that's a pretty typical morning lately
  • Wed, 09:05: RT @Polygon: Super Mario Maker teaches you the anguish of being an indie developer http://t.co/d2rATOU65P http://t.co/yxJcZk4DKu
  • Wed, 09:06: happy about all these articles on super mario maker and really excited for the game! less than 3 weeks!
  • Wed, 09:07: aka let the torture begin +w+
  • Wed, 09:11: RT @Pokemon: Pokémon Champion Cynthia is making a triumphant debut at the #PokemonCenter, US Trainers! http://t.co/JDQ1czv3fz http://t.co/n
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