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  • Wed, 14:34: ...hello there I just realized I tweeted socks on the wrong account sorry @Ryuu_Rogue followers lolol
  • Wed, 15:14: period solution for women in low-income countries http://t.co/d1E2oIcWnF
  • Wed, 15:15: "girls have often been letting their pads dry under their beds, where bacteria can grow" UNDER THEIR BEDS SRSLY? why would you even
  • Wed, 23:07: Every Single Difference Between the Two Versions of Fire Emblem Fates http://t.co/v0xY30qE6W Finally getting close to finishing conquest
  • Wed, 23:09: pretty awed that after the 40 hrs I've spent on Conquest so far, I still have 2 more routes to finish for FE:Fates, & barely yet touched dlc
  • Wed, 23:11: So conquest is pretty classic like FE7 if you don't use the exp dlc XD; but not losing someone is super hard, thank goodness for casual mode
  • Wed, 23:11: sommmmmmmewhere in between all this Fire Emblem I'm gonna get to Daigyakuten Saiban... and finishing Cyber Sleuth XD;;; uh.
  • Wed, 23:12: yeah I admit I fell into that "don't want the game to end so stopped right before the final arc" habit for cyber sleuth :3c
  • Thu, 08:37: sakurai's squeal in junjou ep 6 is amaze balls
  • Thu, 08:40: sorry but I'll swing my ___ blood in your face if you don't like the fact it happens, where do you think you're fucking born from
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