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  • Wed, 10:06: ara missed out on a master ball... been good with keeping up with the online events for pokeshuffle but not so much for the real game XD;
  • Wed, 10:48: indirectly challenging lots of big developers about their fishy excessive app permissions today +w+
  • Wed, 10:49: a majority of them are probably innocent and just don't see how they're invasive, but then why have them in the first place
  • Wed, 10:52: RT @Kotaku: Five Nights at Freddy's creator responds to haters in the best way: http://t.co/1bKHHzG2gO http://t.co/7Cr7GE2AzG
  • Wed, 10:54: RT @Polygon: Five Nights at Freddy's creator talks about life after Dollar General, the stress of success http://t.co/TIcIQefe5A
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