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  • Tue, 09:29: uu! should've known medium size would be a tad too big, but now they're out of small size XDDDDD should've ordered both haha oh well
  • Tue, 09:30: bigger just means more surface area for more eeveelu goodness <3 ~ & while it crinkles on regular basis I can cover my hands if I want xD;
  • Tue, 09:31: naturally they didn't transfer access to the tools I use when I moved over, so permissions are expired & I can't work until they're back |D
  • Tue, 09:51: 50 Things You Need to Eat in Chicago Before You Die @Thrillist http://t.co/D4So7PAILf why is everything on this list like pure fat ;;;;
  • Tue, 09:52: there's plenty of good lean seafood and sushi in chicago too *COUGH*OYSY*COUGH*
  • Tue, 09:53: If you ever go to downtown Chicago please check out Oysy :D (nevermind that they're expensive w)
  • Tue, 09:55: http://t.co/EkU7x71Pty oh man it's so expensive w
  • Tue, 09:55: but so effing good
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