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  • Fri, 12:44: Explaining (and Making) the 64-Degree Egg http://t.co/Yz46Zay6e0 I just ate 4 of these for lunch with bulgogi oh god ^q^;;;;;;;;;;
  • Fri, 12:47: one of the four eggs had two yolks so it was more like 5???
  • Fri, 12:50: RT @shaburdies: #LoveWins http://t.co/XeWD87m38e
  • Fri, 12:55: RT @geekdotcom: Final Fantasy VII remake director didn’t know he was director until he saw the trailer http://t.co/wh1V215o0h http://t.co/o
  • Fri, 13:37: today marks the day I truly start testing cardboard apps and I end up stuck in a dinosaur's butt... it's so real
  • Fri, 15:22: one of the guys on this floor looks VAGUELY like Nojinii, makes me do a double-take every time
  • Fri, 15:54: anyone familiar with zencart? Thinking of resuming the one I started setting up back in 2010 since Storenvy got rid of Basic Discounts wtf
  • Fri, 16:04: RT @anime_shingeki: いよいよ本日より、劇場版「進撃の巨人」後編〜自由の翼〜公開です!!エンディングには、TVシリーズ2期に繋がる新作カットも! 皆さま、是非劇場にてご覧ください!#shingeki http://t.co/dNFf8wTEpw
  • Fri, 16:23: gleh zencart says there's paypal integration in it but so much configuration still needed...
  • Fri, 16:27: fact: thanks to the abundant medicine cabinets here I can keep first-aid kits in my various portable game console cases
  • Fri, 16:27: kits...kids...samethingnotreally too many pokemon bandai kids
  • Fri, 17:28: Oh right, in for a long commute back because of the concert at crittenden
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