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  • Wed, 12:10: RT @takezo1101: G.E.M.シリーズ デジモンアドベンチャー02 一乗寺賢&ワームモン 発売日は2015年12月、価格は5,500円。 7/20より受注予約開始です。 http://t.co/L9jr3LmZig
  • Wed, 12:11: Close up on ken's crotch
  • Wed, 12:12: But dayum process on those are worse than nendo
  • Wed, 13:17: Timely article for a certain couple - How To Conquer One Piece http://t.co/APS8frjlXA
  • Wed, 15:40: daily resistence to the secret base dolls XD
  • Wed, 15:45: RT @Kotaku: Iwata's Fire Emblem interview is fascinating: http://t.co/4AyDd2DEHe http://t.co/2RnbCj6V2V
  • Wed, 15:56: I'm sorry you guys don't get new FE in English for the rest of the year
  • Wed, 15:58: but hey new Tales meanwhile.. I should at least get TsudaKen's character before US release gah...I forgot OnoD is in it Wow w
  • Wed, 16:22: well storenvy encourages people to "retire" their listings when they sell out but what about that 500 listing limit, there's no point then
  • Wed, 18:55: back when I was a kid the word sexy was an automate PG-13 flag, nowadays it's fine for any family-friendly content, I'm getting old
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