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Permanent Pokemon Sales post - Claims

Claims post for main Pokemon sales post!!

CLAIMS SECTION ADDITIONAL RULES: Payment will only be taken once items are IN HAND in order to confirm condition and weight. Each claim is a commitment. A claim only counts if SHIPPING LOCATION is included in your comment. Claim prices do not include shipping/pp fees, they will be totaled when payment is required. Sales rules apply, BUT claims here do not need to meet $5 minimum. However, combined with other sales items encouraged!
Arrival times are ESTIMATES only. Delays can happen, but in the case items arrive early, payment can wait until ETA arrival dates (you're of course welcome to pay once in hand even if it's early).

Holds are also possible for items released within a full month of each other--Any longer and separate shipments will be required since I need to clear space ^^; Claims may be combined with regular sales orders within one month of release for hold. Claims do NOT qualify for any discounts from my regular sales.

Once an item is in-hand and at the ETA Arrival date, payment is due within 3 days of my payment notice or else you will receive NEGATIVE feedback and your item will be subject to go to another buyer! Even if ETA Arrival date has not arrived, I MUST hear from you within 3 days of receiving quote in order for you to keep your claim (payment can wait until ETA Arrival, but I must hear from you about that if that is the case).
Failure to follow through on a claim will result in loss of the claim, negative feedback, and banning from future claims.

In order to make a FULL SET claim (when available), I will require these 2 elements:
1. Your shipping location
2. Show of commitment by adding "I am committed to this claim." in your claim post

To be shortlisted for an individual claim (when available), please state "Shortlist for (pokemon) to (shipping zip code/country)" somewhere in your comment, or I will not count it towards the shortlist. I will let you know if your claim is completed with a completed shortlist!
Spreadsheet for claims

Please contact me if you are interested in full set claims for any upcoming RE-MENT, Bandai sets, etc!

RE-MENT Swing Vignette Figures

ETA Arrival Late April
Full set of 6: $80
Singles $16 each:
Charizard (claimed by me~)
Mew - Claimed by diamondphantom

Bandai Pokemon Soap-Scented Bath Bomb Figures

These are blind boxed, since figures come out of the used bath bomb, figures will come WITHOUT the bath bomb unless you claim blind boxes! I'm currently ordering 25 of these, but will consider ordering more ONLY if enough claims of all types are made. Blind boxes are guaranteed, but individual claims are not.
Blind box $9
Eevee $12
Charmander $11
Bulbasaur $11
Pikachu $8
Squirtle $8
spreadsheet for claims

(/end claims)
Tags: selling, series - pokemon

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