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  • Thu, 13:48: RT @Polygon: Mr. Game & Watch is the best victim of Ryu's focus-punch in Super Smash Bros. http://t.co/QIMbnXZ9qz http://t.co/0HvRMhFcTD
  • Thu, 13:51: Nintendo Treehouse @ E3 2015 - LBX and Yo-Kai Watch with Level-5's presi... https://t.co/QlwMl7xisY catching up finally. MISTER HINO
  • Thu, 13:52: Danball Senki music on US stream it's so beautiful.
  • Thu, 13:55: but at the same time it's strange they're talking about a 3-year-old game (4 if you bring in the original, original release)... STILL GOOD
  • Thu, 13:58: case in point, June 19 2011 dansen LJ rave XD;;; http://t.co/7ZQBGwTyP3 PSP review http://t.co/xBlDFQzany
  • Thu, 14:00: English Ban sounds so manly for a 13 year old
  • Thu, 14:01: but he'll forever be the guy who indirectly (unknowingly???) insults you with a straight smile :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • Thu, 14:12: ...Also you can't play as Jin, Yuuya, etc in Wars so
  • Thu, 14:26: nice w/out the minion around, she'll talk loudly on the phone, laugh loudly at feeds she reads while slacking, talk to herself in general...
  • Thu, 14:27: which I would be a little more okay with if I could just ignore it all but she also asks me questions like 3 or 4 times a day
  • Fri, 09:00: welp my core interface at work is completely broken/unusable and it's Saturday in asia time where the engineer is so hmmmmmm dotdotdot
  • Fri, 09:05: well I can do a certain part of the workflow without it at least, will still be productive ( '.')b
  • Fri, 09:10: CDJapan Summer Clearance Sale 2015 until July 20th! http://t.co/tVFUuPGOYE I see Tenkai Knights stuff and such
  • Fri, 09:24: oh lulz, storenvy has a 500 product limit (just hit it)
  • Fri, 09:53: guess I'll be making another storenvy for the pan stickers after all XD;; good opportunity to redo the organizing since 500 limit...
  • Fri, 09:53: so much for doing one per poke, since there's more than 700...
  • Fri, 09:53: I'll combine evo lines except for big ones like starters then
  • Fri, 11:04: you'd think with the 6 devices I'm charging simultaneously the room would be a LITTLE bit warmer but nope it's still colder than the hallway
  • Fri, 11:04: ...7, forgot the vita
  • Fri, 11:05: RT @futabax: 蓄積されたカロリーがふき出したⅩ子さんと蓄積されたカロリーがふき出さなかったⅩ子さん http://t.co/J0gh5FG5FR
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