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  • Mon, 15:37: bubble tea is taiwanese yo
  • Mon, 19:26: Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4 http://t.co/oP0U6SEiHq There was a tear in my eye, thinking about other ppl who were waiting w
  • Mon, 19:27: RT @habanerowasabi: 原型師さんのコメントに草 http://t.co/S3hO81HvGw
  • Mon, 19:28: RT @kaiitlin: this is going to be in hd http://t.co/qwTAot3Qhh
  • Mon, 19:29: so how about that generation that didn't experience the polygons huh
  • Mon, 19:31: honestly just want more sakurai voicing cloud ^q^~ & maaya/suzuken (note:married) that was my fav thing out of FFVII in general *shameless*
  • Mon, 19:33: well of course there are the Playstation memories too XD; hours on minigames and grinding tonberries for reasons I've forgotten
  • Mon, 19:42: Gah my slowly dying laptop wastes like an hour of my time every day
  • Tue, 00:38: man black wolves saga music is still such feels.... sasuga inazuma composers
  • Tue, 00:56: Kana-chan's Ren'ai Circulation reminds me I still have moe in me ORZ
  • Tue, 09:18: tempted to take off the stitching off one of my pikazards to do that too lol
  • Tue, 09:19: hope my minion doesn't mind I completely ignored her coming in today because she's not a gamer so
  • Tue, 09:26: kimura ryouhei and sugitan on my e3
  • Tue, 09:29: this xenoblade music sounds so sawano hiroyuki
  • Tue, 09:30: yet it is not
  • Tue, 09:37: the youkai watch is here
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