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  • Sun, 16:25: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: 近藤嶺 (28), OLDCODEX (13) & T-Pistonz+KMC (12) http://t.co/B0A4lyvQJ5
  • Sun, 18:14: Bites: Millennium on for Rockridge, Vampire Penguin http://t.co/6QZaYxnj4q uhhhh so does anyone know if this place is open yet or not?
  • Sun, 18:15: Vampire Penguin I mean http://t.co/jaRBgaJJWt is it open D:
  • Sun, 23:03: RT @BulbaNewsNOW: New patch available for Shuffle. Adds Escalation Battle, new main stages, returns "The Daily Pokemon (#2)".
  • Mon, 00:02: Oh yes, the thing I got for $150 shipped :D gently used eevee Pokemon center exclusive 3DSLL~ + adapter + games http://t.co/I1eYtoCfiW
  • Mon, 00:04: Sure they're not brand new, but the 3dsll has literally no damage, hori screen protectors already installed, & the games have 80+ hr saves
  • Mon, 00:05: sasuga japanese owners, daiji ni shitekureta. Also I think the previous owner was definitely female, going by what's on the save files...
  • Mon, 00:12: good timing to bring my games back in for upcoming pokemon symphonic evolutions... July 12, San Jose! Who else is coming~
  • Mon, 00:39: Racing for Rupees [SFM] https://t.co/fdjdm3Tms5 via @YouTube
  • Mon, 08:56: times I wish my minion were into the job as much as me... she can be a real downer >_>; mushimushi.
  • Mon, 08:56: srsly we're getting VR orientation, I'm excited like fuck but she's like "ughhhhh more things I'm not into" WHY DID YOU APPLY FOR THIS JOB
  • Mon, 08:58: zero game/app/anything development background, it sucks that my team lead at the time has terrible sense for hiring anyone
  • Mon, 08:59: and another reminder that that team lead had no part in my hiring process
  • Mon, 09:03: I know you don't have to be IN LOVE with your work or anything but why are you dragging down everyone around you, just shut up
  • Mon, 10:22: full set of mascots+hoodie+lanyard = 131, yep way better than those inflating sellers, that would've otherwise been over $300 overcharging..
  • Mon, 11:11: RT @Anime: #Interest Hello Kitty's Next Partner Is Bandai Namco's Tales of Game Franchise • Art with Xillia's Milla teas… http://t.co/dv7NM
  • Mon, 11:12: Jude turned into Hello Kitty I can't #tox
  • Mon, 11:54: RT @chipotlecoyote: Apple may be embracing more open source and cross-platform tools as a response to Microsoft. Think about how weird that…
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