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Blacklist from the Sales post

Lale Sarı lale83336@gmail.com - Became unresponsive for a $300 order after many communication rounds of finalizing the order, including taking all items out and taking pictures =_=; When it came time for payment, they said they couldn't use PayPal in Turkey and thus asked for my bank information even though my rules clearly state I only accept PP for international payments. So I expressed my disappointment that he didn't regard the rules, and he's become unresponsive since then.
Experiences like this are what cause me to change my rules specifically for their lameness.

Kristina Taber (fb) - Blacklist
Buyer was over a week late for their payment on a $65 claim, and has now blocked me on FB after quite a hostile display. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PokemonMerchBuySellTrade/permalink/1232075800283050/?sale_post_id=1232075800283050
Screenshots of their unresponsiveness in Messages: https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/splash/92726/2339886/2339886_original.png https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/splash/92726/2340131/2340131_original.png

Sophie Hounsell (sophiehounsell1996@gmail.com) - Semi blacklist
UK buyer who dubiously became unresponsive and then DELETED THEIR POSTS after asking for a hold on a Sylveon plush. Avoid this person!

Robyn Bacon - Banned from claims
Unresponsive for extensive weeks after claims came in hand.

Crystal Frostie Butler - Banned from claims
Unresponsive for 3 full days after claims came in hand.

Jason Roley - Banned from claims
Unresponsive for 3 full days after claims came in hand.

Lexi Becker - Banned from claims
Asked for a week+ long hold, and then unresponsive for 3 full days after payment was due.

Courtney Pinelli - Banned from claims
Responded when claim came in but never sent payment after multiple reminders.

Alyssa Earnest - Semi blacklist
Gave incorrect shipping address on Paypal, did not properly communicate about a different shipping address and then demanded full refund despite me doing nothing wrong on my end (with PayPal Seller protection, the package has to be shipped to the address on the transaction in order to be covered anyway). Her package order was refused at the shipping address and sent back, however she filed a dispute and is not accepting to pay the initial shipping charges from her mistake. Also spammed me with dozens of messages when placing an order and is not a pleasant person to deal with in general. Caution!

Skullkid - Blacklist
Backed out of a commitment claim with a 4-month wait, completely forgot about it and did not inform me until the claim arrived, when they could have let me open up their claim spot. Their general attitude warrants me to blacklist them from any of my sales.

Carlie Wiseman - Banned from claims, semi-blacklist
The claim went smoothly at FIRST, however the package I shipped to them was returned to me stating incorrect address. They found out they put the incorrect address on their payment, but instead of having me ship out again, they decided to back out of the claim and asked for a refund because of financial issues. I refunded the cost of the items. Their attitude when they found out that the package was returned to me and demanding refunds warrants me to semi-blacklist them from my sales altogether.

Devline Dekoi -
Canadian buyer. CLEARLY doesn't read or heed rules. Most communications were from direct email. I have reason to believe he is going by the name of spunkybandy & doubled2themax on LJ (he's now resorted to ban evading my LJ). Multiple times tried to purchase from me through e-mail, but in the end did not send payment. Would contact me months later to initiate another sale and then not send the payment again. Finally I told him I would not be dealing with him anymore, then he sent me UNAUTHORIZED payments in attempt to order items. The amount sent was incorrect in the first place, and he wasted my time with refunds. I even had to go as far as contact Paypal customer support by phone to get the refunds done properly. Devline proceeded to send me an email containing VERY inappropriate language when I refused their payment.
It took him a few tries but an apology was properly sent! Willing to start this from fresh.

There were several other buyers in the past who tried to purchase from me through e-mail, but in the end I had to blacklist them. They're not even worth mentioning at this point. General note for sellers... is most people who try to do e-mail only, want you to ship internationally, have "trouble sending you payment" are suspicious... get them onto a more public media like LiveJournal through public comments for your own safety.

May this list also serve as a reference point to other sellers, beware of these buyers!!

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