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  • Tue, 10:29: iunno if you ask me, the gov't could make LOTS of moolah fee'ing smoking violators if they put the effort into it $_$...
  • Tue, 10:29: I only ride BART once a week now but every other time I see someone smoking on the platform
  • Tue, 10:38: I'm actually gonna miss sitting next to the G express customer service. NOT going to miss the noisy asian girls who sit behind though
  • Tue, 10:51: ...whosever tea or drink that is... it smells like cat pee
  • Tue, 11:01: Beef tripe and make your own pasta on main campus today... IKIMASU
  • Tue, 11:01: RT @Siliconera: The Great Ace Attorney Says “Objection!” To Bicycle Theft http://t.co/VO2rhJTOPF
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