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  • Wed, 14:39: *swipes from the center* *n10 tablet opens camera* =3=
  • Thu, 00:30: I wanted to mix the nendos and pitapokes for a bit and it ended up charmander popcorn.gif'ing some weird stuff http://t.co/loY7Lr0Pge
  • Thu, 00:50: @afusushi hisashiburi :D~ Are you available to have nintendo club jp things sent to your place?~ club nintendo is closing soon :o
  • Thu, 08:06: RT @chillchill_bl: さらに解禁!映画『セブンデイズ』 http://t.co/yhYYEEOKZy 廣瀬智紀×山田ジェームス武が演じる高校の後輩×先輩男子カップルのビジュアル (ち)告知用チラシの両面です。映画原作は橘紅緒先生&宝井理人先生の人気BL漫画 ht…
  • Thu, 08:10: RT @triplehead69: ポケとるカモネギしてたらボーナスコンボとまらなくてぐろいことになった;;;; http://t.co/2GEPZgbqA6
  • Thu, 08:42: Well.. Aurora on utapri was one of the best ones...until it got to maenu's engrish monologue all over the beautiful instrumental intro XD
  • Thu, 08:43: I would bother to make a version without the monologues because it's that distracting no offense maenu
  • Thu, 11:09: uohhh note to self http://t.co/8JKxk5BNeg
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