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  • Tue, 07:07: RT @ShingekiKyojin: エレン役の梶さんとUSJに行ってました。梶さんが進撃アトラクションを体験している様子は、4月9日発売の別冊少年マガジンのレポート記事で詳しくご紹介します! http://t.co/CcmQ0wjVPP
  • Tue, 07:15: 'Tis weird times when the poke anime is considerably better than the movies as of recent XD tomioka kouka aka movies lack inazuma staff
  • Tue, 07:16: Also sad they've shortened the movies in general, there just isn't any depth in them. Yveltal/xerneas showdown was... a glance, the end wtf
  • Tue, 07:18: RT @haipnasedacia: NINTENDO PREDICTED THE #amiibogeddon GUYS I CAN'T EVEN http://t.co/vteE5SX33n
  • Tue, 07:20: RT @Digi_advntr15th: ニョキモン&ユラモンが生まれました!!2つの新情報解禁!! ▽主題歌&挿入歌・アーティスト情報▽パートナーデジモン・キャスト情報…そして新しいキービジュアルも!http://t.co/sGVzzzr7yU #デジモン #digimon
  • Tue, 07:20: Woot the info of actual interest
  • Tue, 07:24: Except the site won't load w
  • Tue, 07:25: Love how the feedback is so much English going "translate dammit" ...
  • Tue, 07:29: *puts koushirou's face on taichi's* they're actually twins
  • Tue, 07:31: hoh the sega/gamefreak announcement is tomorrow? Kore wa honto ni nandeshou ne
  • Tue, 07:33: So many things happening~ never enough time to enjoy it all~ no time to dwell on those who hold you back~
  • Tue, 07:56: ugh I know there's a lot of meaning to jewelry but I honestly hate it
  • Tue, 07:56: my piano/violin hands feel awkward if there's anything extra on them
  • Tue, 08:04: messed up nexus 10 won't turn off the charge device screen even when I unplug it... it's just going to drain battery displaying that huh
  • Tue, 08:23: wow digimon site is so fucking slow
  • Tue, 08:25: not in the mood today
  • Tue, 08:26: *heals self with pkmncenter images* http://t.co/4SufB2ZXd8 mmm nagomu
  • Tue, 09:16: such heated convo about animator wage http://t.co/1nG0M53hpj
  • Tue, 09:22: RT @FinalFantasy: Got some Ace news! You can now pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (& the Final Fantasy XV demo) digitally on PSN - https:/…
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