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  • Mon, 13:29: Thank you android device manager for letting me be able to shuffle through the 35 devices on this account to get to the 3 I actually use
  • Mon, 16:37: Rainbowwwwwwwwwwww http://t.co/eWbMerkw2g
  • Mon, 18:57: so.. my shuttle home today literally pulled up right behind the shuttle that comes 10 minutes earlier at the stop where I get off
  • Mon, 18:58: ...and then it took off to head to the next stop before the other shuttle w
  • Tue, 01:21: RT @kadokawamfkids: ダンボール戦機ウォーズDVD情報 BOX2  ・三方背BOX収納  ・描きおろしデジスタック  ・disc6枚組 #19~#37&特典映像  ・オリジナル小説  ・ブックレット こちらもデジスタックカバー使用予定の描きおろしをどうぞ! h…
  • Tue, 01:22: Spoilers what spoilers
  • Tue, 01:22: RT @kadokawamfkids: ダンボール戦機ウォーズDVD情報 BOX1  ・三方背BOX収納  ・描きおろしデジスタック  ・disc6枚組 #1~#18&特典映像  ・設定資料集  ・ブックレット そしてデジスタックカバーに使用予定の描きおろしをどうぞ http:…
  • Tue, 08:43: One year later finally eating the holy crap I got from last year's gdc. Wish I could go again but too far away now! http://t.co/9TrkrgTBf3
  • Tue, 08:54: ...or not, I've tried hot cereals before and I tried again just now but... no it's the texture that makes me want to vomit
  • Tue, 08:54: like the daikon "cake" my mom makes sometimes
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