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  • Mon, 15:29: poor team lead asks if anyone wants to get coffee... no takers since he's the only one out of 6 who does, and the others were out
  • Mon, 16:46: Finally signed up for health insurance today but like...never gonna have time to use it sigh wasted money
  • Mon, 16:48: This nation could have had free public health care but certain politicians ruined it
  • Mon, 16:48: Well, scratch"free" but at least it wouldn't have been a fucked up scam like it is today
  • Mon, 16:54: Google guest Wi-Fi sure downloads from play store slow
  • Mon, 20:39: woo I've sent out around 250 USPS packages in the past year
  • Mon, 20:41: so yeah... I've had practice heh
  • Mon, 20:52: heheheh the whoknowswhen wedding registry list will be full of gift cards and display cases and weird things like that
  • Tue, 06:23: RT @INSIDEjp: amiiboを塗装するファンたちが海外で続出 http://t.co/G9ho0RLkQX http://t.co/JV0wMxnAsK
  • Tue, 10:10: person who just smoked outside and came right back in DO NOT BREATHE IN MY PRESENCE =_=
  • Tue, 10:13: RT @Kotaku: Preorder sales on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Phantom Pain, and a lot more gaming deals. http://t.co/bWkbLddNMF via @KinjaDeals
  • Tue, 10:14: RT @InazumaOnline: 明日からのイベント情報をゲットしたッス! 「イベントロード チョコレートをキミに・・・」が始まるッス! 描き下ろしバレンタイン限定選手がゲットできるッス! ジャンボもチョコが欲しい…じゃなくて限定選手をゲットするッス! http://t.c…
  • Tue, 10:14: tsunatachi valentine canon my loins
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