Splash (splash) wrote,

[rant] Random pet peeve

Random pet peeve: When people ask me "Are you really listening?" or doubt that I'm actually listening when I say "uh-huh" during their (one-sided) conversation.

I know I can be a quiet person, and I'm not into verbally expressing my feelings all the time like certain people, but that doesn't mean I'm a terrible listener like those people too. =_= Basically they doubt my ability to multi-task because I'm usually twerking on my phone or computer while this happens. Seriously though, I multi-task better than you if you think people can't handle idle conversation and phone twerking at the same time. Wow. If it's a subject I feel is important enough to have my full attention, my body language will show that. If you think talking about how people in your hometown are blahblahblah and telling me how blahblahblah affected the way you think now about dog rescues blahblahblah (and wow I've heard you tell me this already, you don't even remember that you've told me at all) is deserving of me putting off precious break time when I could be hunting for something beneficial for my budget... then gtfo

I go kind of crazy if I'm bored for too long, and idle conversation (and idle meeting subjects ugh) can be INTERESTING but it's not STIMULATING enough for me, NO OFFENSE ugh. I keep myself SUPER busy for a reason. I work hard and play hard. Crash once in a while maybe but always back in due time.

People I respect and are super close to me should know by now that I mean no offense and that I'll be like this even if I love every bone in your body so

Extra kudos to future hubby for the socks he gave me for christmas XD~~~ One thing off my "need to buy but don't wanna" list... next up is facial cleanser and contact lens solution, and new contacts... one of these days buh orz

More on fandom ends, I excite for Tales of Zestiria~~ ...I haven't turned on my PS3 since I transferred the stuff from my old fat to the slim. Hope it still works x_X; They say to turn it on at least once every 6 months but it's definitely been more than 6 months. I just.. time. And I have a lot of boxes of Poke figures/stickers/cards I need to sort through XDDD
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