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Just so we're clear

The ONE thing I hate being asked (or anyone getting asked this, really) is "When are the kids coming?"

No. Just fucking no.

(Also, it's been a while since I've used a "Mood" with my LJ entry, since when did they remove the image preview while creating a post? Also, I can't even preview it using the preview tab????? wtf????? Am I doing something wrong?? I want to view my tomato moods.......~~~ If it weren't for pkmncollectors, I probably would have left LJ for a fully customizable wordpress on pmsinfirm, even though I have a permanent account here. At least the permanent account has well paid itself off in terms of paid years~)

(Also, since I'm here anyway, I want more activity on LJ! XD Even with its various crapiness, it's still fun here when people post. So post!!!!)
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