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  • Fri, 18:18: RT @habisan: さっき、うたプリの題名3000%じゃなくてレボリューションズだったね!何を革命するのか楽しみ!って友人から画像付きのメールが送られてきたんだけど、よく見たら君のハートにレボリューションが混じってる。 http://t.co/JJfrXg9EuF
  • Fri, 18:18: RT @AnimeNewsNet: #News 3rd Uta no Prince-sama Season's Title, April Premiere, Cast, Staff Unveiled http://t.co/PKNhgczKnU #anime
  • Fri, 18:20: Imagine if twitter tried to put in its own web browser for all external links on mobile.. it would be hell, that's what fb is doing
  • Fri, 18:20: RT @Polygon: Average age of mobile gamer drops seven years as kids and teens buy smart phones http://t.co/8x4YT9HGd1
  • Fri, 18:23: Utapri anime still lives next year too ohohoho... Singing male seiyuu ftw. Tte iu ka shimono hiro singing ftw <3
  • Fri, 18:25: I may have gotten over most of my anime crushes but syo is still... OK well I guess because it's otoge too... But yet I ship natsuki/syo too
  • Fri, 18:27: Speaking of... Gasp that's what is missing from my phone... Utapri music, this will be rectified
  • Sat, 10:28: old digi people so tall and thin
  • Sat, 10:29: honestly I still don't have much hopes for any of this unless hosoda is involved
  • Sat, 10:49: The Rise Of The 'Lumbersexual' http://t.co/hNBGIHsGNM Two of my high school friends are like this already what is going on 'murica
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