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  • Thu, 18:42: Or nevermind.. Amazon app store literally isn't letting me press the install button LOL reviews are calling out the dubious permissions
  • Thu, 18:42: Google shuttle Wi-Fi is pretty fast..
  • Thu, 18:45: There were some pretty cool action MMOs from Taiwan on my regimen today
  • Thu, 19:21: the one day I eat at the japanese cafe they serve ramen in my usual cafe ORZ
  • Thu, 21:40: I played Secret of Mana (2) with a childhood friend for AGES back when I was a kid but never got a chance to co-op on 3 until now :D <3
  • Thu, 21:49: Kirby - All Green Greens Themes: http://t.co/QsrWPDvWIn via @YouTube excited that Wii U Kirby will have co-op :DDDDD
  • Thu, 22:14: ポケモンセンターオリジナルのぬいぐるみに、ゲンシグラードンとゲンシカイオーガが堂々登場! メガシンカのポケモンも! |ポケットモンスターオフィシャルサイト http://t.co/gIwtPSptDb
  • Thu, 22:19: omg that wailord mega sceptile and kyogre/groudon I
  • Thu, 22:20: mega diancie..
  • Fri, 00:01: Why does treecko always look the largest of the hoenn trio in all their plush sets
  • Fri, 00:03: RT @gakken_otomedia: 『デジモンアドベンチャー』ピンナップです。 http://t.co/3EHSzD8Euz
  • Fri, 00:04: Taito christmas pinup?!?!?!??!?!?!?????!???????????!!????????
  • Fri, 00:05: RT @animage_tokuma: 【アニメージュ12月号】今号は5大描き下ろしポスター付き!! まずは「Free! ES」「ヴァンガード」「イナズマイレブンGO」をご紹介♪ 「プリキュア」「ヴァンガード」「曇天に笑う」「七つの大罪」など大人気アニメの特集もお楽しみに☆ h…
  • Fri, 00:06: Tsurugi's smile ahhhhhhhhh!?!??!?!?!????!?!?!??!??!!?!???????
  • Fri, 07:35: RT @yanyan__04: GO初期はこんなおっそろしー顔してたのに最終的にはみんなよりピュアな笑顔振りまいてるからこのエースストライカー罪深い http://t.co/W0K66uuxbX
  • Fri, 08:28: nice foggy morning~ No wifi on the bus this morning but didn't have to pay either XD ohoho
  • Fri, 09:01: We Visit Oakland's Cat Town Cafe, the First Cat Cafe in the U.S. http://t.co/q3KcZQvJ0D via @catster nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Fri, 09:29: We Visit Oakland's Cat Town Cafe, the First Cat Cafe in the U.S. http://t.co/q3KcZQvJ0D via @catster I'm spamming this twice because.
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