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  • Tue, 08:45: RT @ogihinata: 作る側じゃない人は、「なんでもいいからとにかく広めること」を応援だと思ってることがある。けど、「買うこと」が一番直接的な応援になるのがやっぱりどうしようもなく真実。売れないと、次のを作るお金がなくなる。大好きですって100回言われても、お金がないな…
  • Tue, 08:53: This feeling of not going to a grocery store in over a month, it's weird
  • Tue, 09:21: freaking creepy app https://t.co/IFGaSvrEB8
  • Tue, 09:53: yay my free gym membership card ready to be picked up~ took longer than it was supposed to because they didn't have me on the list at first
  • Tue, 10:28: iunno but all this free pocky is gonna get to me, in for some heavy ddring tonight |D
  • Tue, 10:32: note to self, bring in my exercise ball tomorrow. Standing desk is great but ugh my flat feet
  • Tue, 10:33: also it wears out my socks faster when I stand |D
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