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  • Thu, 13:22: the Oops Pikachu is looking awesome on the workdesk <3 ~
  • Thu, 13:44: uohh... tales of asteria
  • Thu, 13:46: work is getting to play Tales game I approve
  • Thu, 13:47: lulz even on their mobile game can't skip the opening on first play
  • Thu, 13:48: Ktkr http://t.co/ckdob54NAt
  • Thu, 13:55: it's nice there's a nice long storytelling monologue while it takes a whole 10 minutes to download the initial files unlike other apps
  • Thu, 13:58: ...I drew Elle in my first 5 I'm dead haha
  • Thu, 14:57: yayyy people like the Oops Pikachu <3 ~
  • Thu, 15:03: growing a very large dependency on this ergo mouse button I've set as paste because I paste like a thousand times a day here
  • Thu, 15:27: RT @Siliconera: Instead Of Smash Run, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Has Smash Tour Mode http://t.co/wOEPvGw4QI
  • Thu, 15:51: So that mewtwo leak video probably wasn't fake after all
  • Thu, 17:02: Blah still hate how 3ds blinks red obnoxiously in TWO PLACES when it's low on battery, can you waste what little left you have even more
  • Thu, 18:25: RT @LEVEL5_IA: FANTASY LIFE releases in North America tomorrow! Check out Nintendo of America's TV commercial in the meantime: http://t.co/
  • Thu, 18:26: RT @shihfufu: imagine 8 shulks in one game, all saying, "I'M REALLY FEELING IT," in unison
  • Thu, 21:32: the cats and classical music goodness of shigatsu wa kimi no uso are making me grin
  • Fri, 00:12: ...even if you thought most were .50 each when I clearly said .50-$3 how do you try to haggle 400 of those to $85, how about no =_=;
  • Fri, 00:17: Still keep thinking I'll see lina moving around somewhere whenever i enter my room but nope
  • Fri, 00:19: She's already cuddling with mom back home in Michigan at least :') http://t.co/54JbRWeqOQ
  • Fri, 00:23: RT @SmashBrosJP: [きょうの一枚]WiiU版は、念願の8人同時対戦可能!! 8人同時に戦うさまは、見ていてカオス。 くわしくは、「『スマブラ for WiiU』がスゴい50の理由」でご確認ください。 http://t.co/h94E3jd4NW http://t…
  • Fri, 06:17: Uh hell? Where do I access the "other" section on Feb messenger app, this pointless app is getting more pointless????
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