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  • Thu, 07:51: Of all things it was a racing one in the end ugh XD
  • Thu, 08:18: That was a delicious hard boiled egg. I'm getting so spoiled with all this cage free hormone free non pasteurized organic non GMO blah XD
  • Thu, 08:36: I have the burping turtle sounds from tales of xillia stuck in my head whyyyyyyyyyy
  • Thu, 08:36: RT @WaterFdn: CA needs water for the long haul. Retweet if you’re concerned about CA’s water future. http://t.co/tL461eVbWU http://t.co/4DF
  • Thu, 08:38: RT @Siliconera: Bandai Namco Holding Discount Sale On PSN In North America http://t.co/okZxf6zL4z
  • Thu, 08:38: wow Tales of Graces F and Xillia for only $15 together, those crazy american discounts
  • Thu, 09:11: ugh mac "simplified beauty" in their interface is really backwards function-wise ugh I hate it
  • Thu, 09:36: Seriously think on the seller's perspective
  • Thu, 09:44: Funny how two of my coworkers from my previous job are here, one I brought in on recommendation and the other came all on his own accord
  • Thu, 09:44: He left the boat before it sank, is what
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