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  • Tue, 21:43: Tomy http://t.co/ooNy9zx3Xl
  • Tue, 23:35: phew, a good second day working at google location, gonna try things a bit differently tomorrow & see if I still have energy for DDR.. XD;
  • Tue, 23:51: Also I'm really grateful that the people on my team don't hold back on taking amenities, I don't stand out too much when I get extra food w
  • Wed, 07:53: Woo first person on my team on the office! Found nice bike trail nearby that I would totally use if the team wasn't moving in another week..
  • Wed, 08:08: Ugh Mac having to restart after installing a tiny mouse driver... Haven't had that since windows xp what mac =_=
  • Wed, 08:30: Mapped some keys i commonly use to my ergo mouse... ohoho let's see how effective this is
  • Wed, 08:46: http://t.co/y1R6ua3gA0 himitsu
  • Wed, 08:54: It's suppppper tight on the way back home but possible I can still get home at 6:30 when I change buildings...
  • Wed, 09:54: Lulz forgot the persimmon I took from the kitchenette yesterday, still in my bag along with tons of unsalted almonds~
  • Wed, 10:43: guhah the new location is so far out it's sunnyvale not mountain view w
  • Wed, 11:06: Wow so they'll give us pretty much all the high tech gadgets but they won't give us free flu shots, these priorities
  • Wed, 11:06: Ebola.
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