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  • Fri, 12:06: Sun erupted from the cloudy morning
  • Fri, 13:55: D: dog puked a whole bunch in the kitchen again.. at least the rug is gone (beats me why roomie has a rug in the kitchen in the first place)
  • Fri, 13:56: but obviously whatever roomie has been feeding her is not working
  • Fri, 14:29: T_T I dun wanna get fee'd for not having health insurance for just a few months ugh
  • Fri, 14:29: 3 months is pretty mean, they should make it at least half a year, and even half a year to me is ridiculous at my age
  • Fri, 15:33: ebay has been doing a lot of selling/buying promotions lately..
  • Fri, 21:27: RT @newworldfool: TORANOANA NOW SHIPS OVERSEAS http://t.co/Yk1KQkdsVZ you no longer have a valid excuse for not buying a doujinka's works/o…
  • Fri, 21:27: oh wait it's still through tenso... eh
  • Fri, 22:57: RT @UberFacts: California has a larger population than all of Canada.
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