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29 August 2014 @ 01:00 pm
Permanent Pokemon Sales post - Plush Listings  
Please post orders on The main sales post! Rules also on main sales post.
I can respond to orders on this post anyway but people on the main sales post will generally get first dibs.

Plush (SOMEWHAT organized smallest to largest, except for newest items at top):

Lapras XY Pokemon Type! Dekkai 10" MWT - $38

Charizard 12" Minky Ichiban Kuji Prize S MWT $50

Tyrunt Banpresto Super DX Plush TTO $25

Victini TOMY Talking Together Plush $40
Minccino TOMY Talk Together Plush $45
Tepig TOMY Talk Together Plush $25 (box has damage on front)
(Can go w/out box to reduce shipping costs)

Caterpie Banpresto 2017 Korotto Manmaru MWT $33
Butterfree Banpresto 2017 Korotto Manmaru MWT $35

Piplup Banpresto Giant 2017 MWT $18

Eevee Large TOMY TTO $29
Jolteon PC 2015 TTO $10
Umbreon PC Time mascot TTO $10

I LOVE Eevee 2017 Banpresto Dekkai MWT $30 each
Sylveon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon

Squirtle Waffle Banpresto MWT $25
Mudkip Waffle Banpresto MWT $30
(Munchlax Waffle Banpresto MWT $20 not pictured but available)

Pikachu PC Carnival Female mascot MWT $10

$4: Drilbur
$15: Totodile, Minccino, Meloetta
$20: Eelektross, Drifloon

Pikachu Nebukuro Banpresto Umbreon, Espeon, Sylveon
Set of 3 (not splitting) $55
Additional Espeon $19 available

Gengar I LOVE Gothic Banpresto Super DX MWT $38

Lucario PC Pico Hammer $39

Mega Mawile PC (hang tag has a small bend) $30
Cinccino Pokedoll PC (hang tag has minor bending on some star points) $25
Spritzee PC MWT $17

PC Type Focus MWT
Whimsicott $29
Emolga $20
Liligant $50

Blastoise Banpresto Super DX MWT $45

November 2016 Pikachu Nebukuro Collection Kuji
Last One Prize: Slowpoke Nebukuro Pikachu 25cm $65
Prize J: Rubber Mascot (6 types) 5cm $12 each

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu & Friends Utouto Time

LAST ONE Prize: Gengar 20cm plush $110
Prize A: Pikachu Utouto 25cm plush $60
Prize B: Mew 25cm plush $60
Prize C: Pikachu tail 30cm tote bag $40
Prize D: Gengar 40cm Nightcap $55
Prize E: Napsacks 20cm $15 each (Mew/Eevee/Pikachu)
Prize E: Napsacks 20cm $15 each (Mareep/Pikachu)
Prize E: Napsacks 20cm $15 each (Gengar)
Prize F: Milk Jars w/ silicon cap 10cm $12 (Pikachu)
Prize F: Milk Jars w/ silicon cap 10cm $12 (Mew)
Prize F: Milk Jars w/ silicon cap 10cm $12 (Miltank)
Prize G: Mascots 8cm $18 (Pikachu)
Prize G: Mascots 8cm $20 (Mew)
Prize G: Mascots 8cm $20 (Eevee)
Prize H: Towels 25cm $10 (Mew/Eevee)
Prize H: Towels 25cm $10 (Ditto/Pikachu)
Prize H: Towels 25cm $10 (Pikachu/Mareep)
Prize H: Towels 25cm $10 (Gengar)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Mew 1)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Pikachu 1)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Banette)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Chandelure)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Eevee)

Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Gengar)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Mew 2 sleepy)
Prize I: Rubber Keychains 6cm $13 (Pikachu 2 sleepy)

Treecko Kawaii Banpresto MWT $25
Torchic Kawaii Banpresto TTO $18
Shaymin Banpresto Land Forme MWT $20
Shaymin Banpresto Sky Forme MWT $10
Mantyke Banpresto MWT $12
Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin Banpresto set (not splitting) $12
Lotad Banpresto MWT $30

Zorua Banpresto MWT $16
Meowstic Female Banpresto Korotto Manmaru MWT $18

Magmortar Banpresto Korotto Manmaru MWT $20
Samurott Banpresto TTO $12

Pikachu PC Pair mascots $30

Nebukuro Pikachu Kuji Round 1
Prize A: Charizard Nebukuro Pikachu 25cm plush $70
Prize B: Ekans Nebukuro Pikachu 25cm plush $60
Prize C: Eevee Nebukuro Pikachu 25cm plush $60

Prize G: Rubber Keychain Collection 6cm (Charizard, Eevee) $8 each
Prize G: Rubber Keychain Collection 6cm Ekans $7
Prize H: Towel Collection (Charizard, Eevee) $8 each
Prize H: Towel Collection (Ekans, Gengar, Golbat, Snorlax) $7 each

Pikachu Bell Plush (Red box) $45

Sandshrew Bell Plush with box $70

Psyduck Bell Plush $15
Electabuzz Bell Plush $50

Elekid Banpresto Soft Touch $20

Piplup Heartland Mini puppet $19

Torchic PC Petite minky $8

Top two Chimchar $2 each
All others $3.50 each

Electabuzz Bell plush $40
Clip plush MWT (Pikachu, Turtwig) $9 each
Celebi Ichiban Kuji Banpresto w/ stretch cord MWT $30

Pansear/Pansage/Panpour trio (not splitting) $8
Scraggy $2 each
All others $4 each

Friends (some have small writing on tush tag):
$8: Chikorita (has some stains), Pikachu, Marill
$10: Clefairy ball plush, Poliwhirl ball plush (hands are loose and probably need to be glued back on), Minun
$15: Chansey, Wigglytuff, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Ivysaur
$17: Lucario, Mew
$20: Vulpix (tush tag is very worn, no tush also available $17)
$25: Snorlax
(The 2 Veemons, DemiVeemon and Armadillomon are Digimon plush yus :V $30 each)

My Pokemon Collection (MPCs)
Flareon MWT (2 stock), Leafeon MWT (3 stock), Glaceon MWT (2 stock), Jolteon MWT (2 stock) $15 each
Eevee MWT, Vaporeon MWT $17 (2 stock)
Sylveon MWT $20

MPCs TTO (some are a bit loved) $5 each

MPCs $9 each
SOLD: Ducklett, Helioptile, Virizion

MPCs $12 each EXCEPT $23 Simisage/Simipour/Simisear trio set TTO (not splitting)

MPCs $13 each EXCEPT $33 Simisage/Simipour/Simisear trio set (not splitting)
SOLD: Both Deerling, Sawsbuck, Reshiram

MPCs (all MWT)
$15 each EXCEPT
$17: Venusaur, Mewtwo
$20: Galvantula
SOLD: Ditto, Swadloon, Gardevoir

Genesect Korotto Manmaru MWT $12
(Keldeo Super DX for reference)

Pokeball Reversible Plush (some are missing pokeball parts, see 2nd image):
Pikachu, Psyduck, Poliwag, small regular Jigglypuff $5
Clefairy, Elekid, Electrode, Torchic, Togepi, Meowth $8 each
Small Jigglypuff w/ mic $12
Large Jigglypuff Masterball (zipper does not close) $15
Cleffa MIB $10
Oddish MIB

Pichu Tufty Fuzzy TOMY $45

Slowking Fuzzy TOMY $20 (felt piece eyes on shellder missing)
Lapras Fuzzy TOMY $20
Psyduck Fuzzy TOMY $15
Togepi Fuzzy TOMY $13
Bulbasaur Fuzzy TOMY $20
Oddish Fuzzy TOMY $20
Chansey Fuzzy TOMY $15

Eevee Fuzzy TOMY $30

Plusle Banpresto Summer Festival UFO MWT $24
Glameow mascot $10

Plusle Large Fuzzy TOMY $29

Pokedolls (All JP TTO)
Tepig, Arceus $13 each
Mienfoo $15
Pichu Notch-Eared $25

Pikachu w/ Pichu Ichiban Kuji MWT $25 backside
Torchic $4
Karrablast MPC MWT (tag has a bend) $5
Pikachu Pokedoll $9
Oshawott Pokedoll TTO $20

Flareon Pokedoll US Velboa MWT $25
Espurr Pokedoll JP MWT $14

Oshawott Pokedoll TTO $20
Dewott PC JP TTO $25

Axew Pokedoll JP TTO $12
Minccino Canvas TTO $12

Minccino Pokedoll JP MWT (tag has a bend) $20

Pokemon Center flat (Pokechummy?) $20

Pikachu Blanket We Love Pokemon Magazine Insert 2013 $15 (2 stock)

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Prize S Blanket (plush is attached by push button) $40

Ducklett PC Pokedoll JP $16
Turtwig PC Pokedoll JP $29
Piplup PC Canvas $13
Yamask Banpresto Korotto Manmaru UFO $11
Cyndaquil PC Petit $20

Chimchar PC Pokedoll JP $16
Torchic PC Pokedoll JP $15
Tympole PC Pokedoll JP $13
Terrakion PC Pokedoll JP $19

Manaphy PC Pokedoll JP (velboa) $15
Squirtle PC Pokedoll JP (velboa) $15
Pikachu Shiny/Shimmering DX Pokedoll JP $25

Pokemon Center plush
Panpour $10
Croagunk $29
Darumaka Canvas $19
Meowstic Male $14
Audino $17

Pokedolls (All JP): Cinccino $15, Emolga $32, Victini $25, Zoroark $25, Oshawott $20, Snivy $12

Sandile Banpresto MWT $14
Turtwig Korotto Manmaru MWT $16

Purrloin Banpresto MWT $14 (TTO $10)
Eevee Wakuwaku Get Kuji keychain $8

Totodile Banpresto UFO $21

Empoleon UFO (2007?) MWT $25
Buizel UFO (2007 Darkrai movie) MWT $50 (hesitate to let go)
Pachirisu UFO MWT $35 SOLD

Mudkip Korotto Manmaru UFO Banpresto $18 (no hangtag available $15)

(These plush are in loved condition):
Mudkip PC Pokedoll $20
Torchic PC Pokedoll $10
Darkrai UFO (2007) $14
Infernape UFO (2007) $15

Turtwig Korotto Manmaru Special Assort UFO $15
Torterra UFO (2007) $40

Trump Motif
Leafeon, Vaporeon (MWT) $16 each

Leafeon Lying beanie TOMY MWT $30

Espeon I LOVE Gothic MWT $16

Espeon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru TTO $14
Umbreon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Vaporeon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Glaceon Banpresto UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon UFO Korotto Manmaru (all tags cut off) $50 (prefer not to split)

Meowstic Zipper Pouch $19

Pikachu B/W Zipper Pouch $6 (2 stock)
Celebi Pass Case Pouch MWT $27
Turtwig coin string pouch MWT $15
Raichu I LOVE Pikachu Zipper Pouch + Pass Case MWT $19 (no hang tag $16)

Genesect PC Pokedoll MWT $24
I Love Eevee standing Espeon keychain $13
Mew Pokemon Time strap $10
Espurr/Meowstic PC metal charm set $18
Nincada/Ninjask/Shedinja PC metal charm set $20

Patrat Pokemon Center MWT $25
Victini Pokemon Center MWT $20 SOLD

Tepig TOMY Talking (Talk pack still works!) $16

Cyndaquil Canvas MWT $50

Squirtle Ichiban Kuji Kyungurumi $20 in box, $18 out of box

Treecko Kawaii Banpresto MWT $25
Treecko Korotto Manmaru MWT $30
Treecko Contest Ribbon $25
Treecko Ball Keychain MWT $12

I LOVE Marine Pink Shellos MWT $12 (2 stock)
I LOVE Marine Marill MWT $16
I LOVE Marine Wailord TTO $20
I LOVE Marine Slowking TTO $15

Arceus Shiny GIANT Korotto Manmaru MWT $50

Eevee, Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Ribbon Tassel (attaches by velcro) $8 each

I LOVE Eevee Standing Keychain FULL SET MWT - $95
Additional stock:
Leafeon MWT $13 (2 stock)
Espeon TTO $10

I LOVE Eevee Dekkai Mascots MWT
Full set of 9 MWT (NOT SPLITTING) $180
Additional stock
$20: Umbreon
$23: Glaceon

I LOVE EIEVUI Eeveelutions Sitting (5.5")
FULL SET OF 8 MWT $110 (not splitting)
Additional stock:
Jolteon (4 stock), Vaporeon (1 stock), Espeon (2 stock) - MWT $13
Eevee - MWT $14
Eevee TTO, Jolteon TTO $10 each
All others SOLD OUT

Eevee PC Pokedoll JP TTO minky $25
Eevee PC Walky mascot (metal chain is a bit worn) $20
Eevee PC keychain mascot $15

Eevee I LOVE EIEVUI/I LOVE Eevee Series Banpresto Big Plush 2015 MWT $25

Eevee Super DX MWT $23 (TTO $21)
Flareon Super DX MWT $25
Vaporeon Super DX MWT $24 (TTO $22)
Espeon Super DX MWT $25
Umbreon Super DX MWT $25
Leafeon Super DX MWT $20

Glaceon Super DX MWT $26 (TTO $23)
Jolteon Super DX MWT $22
Sylveon Super DX MWT $24

Buizel Lying TOMY MWT $30

Torchic UFO (loved $10), Buizel (Tag is bent $30), Oshawott PC Pokedoll (slightly loved $9)

Small Zekrom Banpresto $9

Zoroark Super DX 28cm (top right) $20
Zorua Banpresto (no tag) $16
Zoroark Korotto Manmaru (bottom right) $14
Zoroark Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT (bottom left) $25
ALL 4 for $60

Torchic Large TOMY $25

Celebi Ichiban Kuji Banpresto w/ stretch cord MWT $30

Snubbull Soft Touch UFO 2000 Banpresto MWT (tag has minor bending) $18

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu Winter 7" w/ Charm MWT $20

Pikachu Banpresto Signboard MWT $30

Pichu Ichiban Kuji MWT $50
Giant Pichu Sofubi Vinyl Figure $10

Meowth HEARTLAND Face Pillow Pokemon Plush MWT $70

Meowth XY Team Rocket Balloon Cushion/Pillow MWT $25
(pic later)

Recalled Groudon TOMY (1 available, one arm is a bit loose but still fully intact) $110

Recalled Rayquaza TOMY $50

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Splashsplash on September 22nd, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
you gotta be fast! But yeah I have a LOT of stuff left so there's plenty more!
Darumaka: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ByKME_cCcAA6-SJ.jpg:large
The MPC is part of a series of small minky plush, the other says it's L Size series on the tush tag.

Also remember the $15 minimum in the rules!

Edited at 2014-09-22 07:03 pm (UTC)