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  • Wed, 22:58: A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source http://t.co/WuhyMRwfO4 via @extremetech good stuff
  • Wed, 23:16: RT @CybertronVGC: Got a battle against World Champion Sejun Park today! The Gothitelle mirror match is real. Check it out! https://t.co/MJ2
  • Thu, 00:31: Admittedly very much appreciate the Google sync for chrome browser from my laptop to tablet and other devices, browse history comes in handy
  • Thu, 00:51: International buyers surprised at international rates again you people
  • Thu, 00:55: Bulk shipping is the way to go man, bulk bulk
  • Thu, 00:56: There's a basic thing called starting rate and getting the optimal out of it, seek the optimal benefit +_+
  • Thu, 11:12: Welp I just landed a gig at google in the meantime |D; wish it was better pay, but at least it's google?????
  • Thu, 11:13: a lot of paperwork to fill out..
  • Thu, 11:14: geez even ANN is on the hello kitty thing, THIS IS NOT NEWS... orz
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