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  • Fri, 02:16: Hello there Mitsuda-san :3c Hello there Inazuma Eleven mention http://t.co/j3yluatJLZ
  • Fri, 02:16: Hello there I am so hype for smash bros lol. Also hype to play Xillia 2 with bf tmr even though I played it in jp already :D;;;
  • Fri, 02:18: korya... ゴーストタイプのポケモンたちが集まって、パーティーを開催!? 「POKÉMON Spooky Party」グッズ登場! |ポケットモンスターオフィシャルサイト http://t.co/12uMzk1YoL
  • Fri, 02:23: A wild Sonic appears lolol http://t.co/UXYGKDnVJd
  • Fri, 03:04: Oh wow I thought he'd be up at 3 am but he really is up Lol.. Hoping for good things to come in the morning, night all! :D
  • Fri, 10:49: It's the Slowpoke song........ Yadon【公式】「どないやねん ヤドン」MV: http://t.co/S5CWJ7hC9d via @YouTube
  • Fri, 10:51: Slowpoke can regrow its tail like a lizard what
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