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  • Fri, 16:34: Somehow I managed to do another ep of free and love stage back2back again... chou guuzen. IT REALLY DOESN'T HELP THAT HIRADAI IS REI IN BOTH
  • Fri, 16:39: I added my last serving of the strange oyakodon I made to a can of sweet corn and now everything tastes like heaven ┗┐<(´▽`)>┌┛
  • Fri, 16:39: I love cooking given I have the time for it :3c
  • Fri, 16:47: the kid can't see anything without his glasses but he could somehow read the crepe stand side sasuga anime
  • Fri, 17:39: Various tcg as an omake to a cheap lot.. XD and charizard holos still value like crazy amirite w http://t.co/IrVSvLMjvb
  • Fri, 17:49: Even the charizard meiji is 35 on ebay wtfux w http://t.co/57vVb4LTvQ
  • Fri, 17:49: Charizard is power.
  • Fri, 18:52: RT @jpwong_: @SplashTOMATO cafe cup http://t.co/J1bP5gSbjZ
  • Fri, 19:17: awaiting the day pokemon makes another spin-off TCG video game, those were the best
  • Fri, 19:19: ...but I guess it wouldn't happen because I'm the type who would be happier getting infinite booster packs in a 1-time purchase game XD;
  • Fri, 19:21: *imagines a micro-transaction official pokemon tcg app* oh dear
  • Fri, 19:24: http://t.co/RRbgjbTszX Preorder your Inazuma Eleven calendars~ Comes to just $25 including shipping plus you get $2+ off in points
  • Fri, 19:25: There are still dealers at cons that sell individual calendar pages like posters, right? What do they sell them for... $25 per page?? lol
  • Fri, 20:05: Cat Town Cafe is coming alive~~~ I'll be getting the hoodie soon >w< ~ That cat is so sexy http://t.co/IE90AvVuoS
  • Fri, 21:08: Reshiram in the upcoming Smash bros game my loins
  • Fri, 21:08: well, as a stage hazard lulz
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