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  • Wed, 12:38: RT @zomadayo: 池袋のゲーセンにて、、プリキュアのチャームにて3000円くらい課金して全くとれなかったマリンのチャームを、、、見ず知らずの美しき美女二人が課金してくれて速攻ドロップしてwww そしてまさかのプレゼントされたwww 感謝しきれねえwww http://…
  • Wed, 12:39: Crazy power of gacha
  • Wed, 12:40: And claw machines
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @a24_sou: 二人して凄いことになってる http://t.co/VuLhP47Ab5
  • Wed, 13:46: wow youkai watch 2 already oversold the original in its first week, the power of 2 versions orz
  • Wed, 14:47: o.o http://t.co/bjxpJvjlnW
  • Wed, 14:49: pummeling through translation commissions, talk with a recruiter later today
  • Wed, 18:23: wow the espurr episode kind of made me cry why do I cry so easily but ffff feels
  • Wed, 18:28: but also cry at the possibility that this lady can show up at the end & on a whim decide to live in the mansion instead of tear it down
  • Wed, 19:34: RT @AnimeNewsNet: Interest: Soccer Star Atsuto Uchida Lends Voice to Pok�mon Film http://t.co/WccoUecMSz #anime
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