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Sold Pokemon listings

Sold/traded listings for my Permanent Pokemon Sales post: http://splash.livejournal.com/489252.html
Plush listings: http://splash.livejournal.com/515031.html

Stuff here goes from generally 2014-end of 2015:

Sylveon Ichiban Kuji with Eevee (hang tag has a small bend in one corner and slight curl) $39

Shaymin TOMY Talking (Talk box has no batteries, untested) $20

Pez Dispensers Jirachi (1 left), Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Deoxys $4 each

Meloetta Ichiban Kuji TTO $20

Mewtwo Wakuwaku Get Ichiban Kuji Vignette Figure 2013 MIB $15

Kaiyodo PVC Figures Mega Latios $5

Togekiss JP Pokedoll TTO $20
Pikachu JP Pokedoll TTO (velboa) $8

Dedenne Kuji Berries plush $30

Floatzel Shiny Super DX Korotto Manmaru TTO $30

Pikachu Carnival Conductor Pokemon Center Mascot MWT $15

Eevee Premialive Figure (out of box/packaging, in excellent condition) $18

Umbreon Sitting TOMY JP (Hang tag has minor bending) $15
Flareon Sitting TOMY JP MWT $15

Eevee Collection PC 2012 Tin $25

Tepig Pokedoll Tag is bent/ripped - $10
Tepig Jakks $15
Azurill Egg plush $15
Red Genesect MPC MWT
Purrloin MPC MWT (see MPCs above)

Bulbasaur Kyungurumi $18

Pokemon Fan Magazine special edition Frogadier Clear Moncolle
ETA Arrival Early-Mid-December

2 slots both taken!
Figure only - $20 xxiiijamesiiixx
Figure + magazine - $24 jen81489 (shipping will also increase, the magazine is also VERY expensive to ship outside US because it weighs at least a full pound)

Mudkip Pokemon Center w/ dessert $20

Snivy/Tepig Christmas PC MWT 2010 $32 each

Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center Mega Charizard Y Pikachu Pikazard Poncho/Hood (practically new) $48

Litwick Super DX I LOVE Gothic MWT $35

Charizard TOMY Recall $45

Eevee Pokemon Center Time 2015 Lanyard (brand new) $20

Pikachu Outbreak Sakuragichou keychain $9

Minccino Patchwork MWT - $35 SOLD

Sylveon PC Pokedoll MWT $20 SOLD

Eevee Super DX Movie Edition MWT $20 SOLD

Pikachu Ichiban Kuji 2014 Pecha Berry Plush $15 SOLD

Croagunk I LOVE Gothic MWT $13 SOLD

Pokemon Pillow Pal w/ (these are BIG and more than 2lb when shipped):
Marill $15, Jigglypuff $15 BOTH SOLD

Sylveon TOMY Minky Talking plush $30 (I can include the box but only if you commit to paying higher shipping) SOLD

Tepig TOMY (slightly loved) $6 SOLD

Pikachu 10-piece set $18 (not splitting) SOLD

Totodile Shiny Super DX - $45 SOLD

XY Color Pencils Promo Set $10 SOLD

Black Kyurem Overdrive Ichiban Kuji Figure $28 SOLD

Litwick I LOVE Gothic MWT $17 SOLD

Goomy Pokemon Center JP $11 SOLD

Croagunk backpack (bent hangtag) $10 SOLD

Suicune Banpresto UFO $13 (MWT $15 {on hold for leashedragon, selling one or other) SOLD

Lugia Pokedoll MWT $32 SOLD

Plusle TOMY Gameboy Advance SP cover NEW $17 SOLD

Hyper Size (White/Black) Kyurem $5 each SOLD

Jirachi McD's Toy $35 OBO SOLD

Eevee Super DX Movie Edition MWT $17 SOLD

Mega Scizor (I accidentally got a double) MIB $6 SOLD

Gallade UFO $12 BOTH SOLD

Noctowl Pokedoll $50
Raikou Pokedoll JP $20
Suicune Pokedoll JP $22

Torchic Kawaii Soft $20
Eevee Kawaii $17 SOLD
Treecko Kawaii Soft MWT $30

Pikachu Osaka Renewal 1st Anniversary MWT $110 on hold for me XD

Tympole loved set $2 (shipping starts at $10) SOLD

Sylveon TOMY (JP release) $13 SOLD

Blitzle Pokedoll JP $13 SOLD

Charizard Pokedoll MWT (Tag has some damage) $35 SOLD

Cleffa MWT, Squirtle Hasbro MWT, Chatot Jakks MWT - $5 each SOLD
Dialga Deluxe Electronic 5" Jakks Pacific 2009 (chest lights up and head moves, the head moves rather loose, batteries not included) - $20

Treecko Contest Ribbon Yellow with tag $18, Red one no tush $10 SOLD

Roaring Rayquaza kid $4 SOLD

Chikorita TOMY tush only $18 SOLD

Yveltal Pokemon Center JP MWT - $48 SOLD

Glaceon, Vaporeon Placemat & Coaster $18 each SOLD

Eevee Towel (never used) - $18 SOLD

Leafeon Canvas MWT $55 SOLD

Poison type Clearfile $12 SOLD
Espurr Clearfile $8 SOLD

Bug type Clearfile $12
Dark type Clearfile $12

Pikachu Shiny Banpresto UFO (no tush tag) (nice, loose tail~) $12 SOLD

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu Winter dekkai (hangtag has lots of wear) $21 SOLD

Pikachu Christmas PC 2013 MWT $42 SOLD

Charmander Arcade UFO Prize w/ Pokeball Banpresto $25

Axew Super DX UFO $20 SOLD

Zoroark Chotto Ookii Banpresto MWT (even bigger than the Super DX) $28 SOLD

Pokemon Center exclusive pouches (pic shows front/back sides of the same pouch, but selling one of each only), nice silky material!
Zorua/Zoroark PC pouch $7
Pikachu/Lucario/etc PC pouch $7

Charizard Kyun Figure MIB $33 (2 sold)

Jolteon, Flareon Kyun $14 each (or MIB $15 each) SOLD

Mew Kyun Figure MIB $25
Lucario Kyun Figure MIB $15

Reshiram Ichiban Kuji $45 (one of the wings is detached from the "ears") (on hold for shiny_zek) SOLD

Zorua Don to Dekkai Korotto Manmaru MWT $33 SOLD

Rotom Pokedoll JP $13 SOLD

May's Bulbasaur UFO w/ plant $35 SOLD

Halloween Pikachu PC $75 SOLD

Farfetch'd 1999 Yawarakarai Banpresto Beans MWT $55

Substitute Plush MWT $35

Regirock, Registeel, Regiice trio (not splitting) $10 SOLD

Eevee TOMY Soft Vinyl Sofubi MWT $9 SOLD

Darumaka PC Canvas MWT $17 (on hold for sushiibear SOLD

Togepi Fuzzy TOMY $22 SOLD

I LOVE Marine Wailord MWT $25 SOLD

Mega Charizard X Zukan Still in capsule $10 SOLD

Meowth Banpresto Sleepy Pillow DX (2000) $20 SOLD

MPCs: Lilligant $14, Dedenne $10, Jynx MWT $11, Slowpoke $15, Gardevoir $14

14-Character kids set lot $25 (not splitting) SOLD

Eevee Super DX HQ Lying MWT $48 SOLD

Stoutland Banpresto $15 SOLD

Charizard MPC SOLD

Giant Hollow Soft Vinyl Mew (TOMY figure for size reference. It's so big you can fit your hand inside and play with its head/arm like a puppet!) $18 SOLD

Dragonite TOP Insight MWT (Tag has small bend) $60 SOLD

Fennekin UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $19 SOLD

Pichu Ceramic Bank MIB $10 SOLD

Marine Mini-bag (new) $10
Lucario thermal bag (some use) $15

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu Super DX HQ MWT (tag has small bend) $29 SOLD

Yamask Banpresto MWT $17 SOLD

Cubone/Marowak Zukan (Marowak has no peg) $14 SOLD

Raichu Taffeta Banpresto MWT $24 SOLD

Skitty Pokedoll JP $60 on hold for me

Pichu, Pikachu, Piplup Zukan new $13
Bronzor, Bronzong Zukan new $13

$.50: Geodude, Rhyhorn, Alakazam, Mewtwo
$2: Pikachu
$3: Arceus
SOLD: Porygon

Kaiyodo Preorder PVC Figures (missing minor parts) $2 each: Giratina, Deoxys, Lugia SOLD

Clear Pikachu + Battrio MIB $14 SOLD

Eevee Pokemon Center Die-cut Sleeping Pillow Cushion MWT $90 BOTH SOLD

Zorua TOMY $14 SOLD

Vileplume Friends Plush $20 SOLD

Pikachu Clock (no batteries) + Towel Ring Hanger Banpresto Prize $20 SOLD

Eevee PC Big Walky MWT $35 SOLD

Eevee Ichiban Kuji Ribbon curtain tassel MWT $15 SOLD

Zukans $12 each
Reuniclus line

Recalled Kyogre TOMY $125 (2 SOLD)

Zorua I LOVE Gothic MWT $17 SOLD

Pikachu Pokemon Center Tokyo Station Stationmaster exclusive (sadly both hang tag and tush tag removed) $20 SOLD

Pokemon All Nippon Airway Promotional Watch (no batteries) $13 each BOTH SOLD

Sylveon, Fennekin, Eevee etc Cylinder Tin and Paper inserts $20 SOLD

Eevee Ichiban Kuji long Face Towel $15 SOLD

Eevee Pose Figure MIB $20 or out of box $15 (only selling one or the other) SOLD

Glaceon Watch (still working) $4 SOLD

X/Y Xerneas Yveltal Pen Case MIP $9 SOLD

Eevee Stationary Set - $20
Kanto Gym Leaders Clear file - $12

Jolteon, Leafeon MPCs MWT $13 each

Espeon UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $13
Umbreon UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $13

I LOVE EIEVUI Eevee Face Pillow Cushion - $25 without tag (in bag), $40 MWT, selling only one or the other! SOLD

Shaymin Land Super DX MWT (fuzzier than the giant) $25

Litwick Pitapoke MIB $8

Mewtwo Genesect chupa $1 each
Leafeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Espeon chupa $3.50 each

Shinx Shiny Super DX Korotto Manmaru MWT $34 SOLD

Vulpix Takara Tomy Baby plush with plastic orange egg $36
Sylveon Ichiban Kuji Super DX Banpresto (largest Sylveon plush out there!) MWT $58 or tush tag only for $44 (only selling one or the other)

Marill Hasbro 1:1 $45
Totodile Hasbro 1:1 $120

Pikachu, Plusle, Minun Super DX UFO 2007 MWT
Pikachu $60 Plusle+Minun (not splitting) $90

2. 1 Free with any order that meets minimum (everything is a sticker afaik) or .50 each:

TAKEN: Cinccino, Axew, Scyther, Raichu, Sandslash, Gengar, Combee, Manaphy, Ninetales, Helioptile, Lapras, Dialga, Jigglypuff, Squirtle

Meowth Pokedoll Figure MIB $12 or $10 out of box (selling only one or other)

Arceus Korotto Manmaru $10
Arceus Splash Plate (no tush) $9

Canvas (all in loved condition): Mudkip (no tush $15), Snivy (no tush $10), Totodile $20 SOLD

Eeveelution Cup Set of 8 MIP (Currently NOT splitting this, but may auction individually in the future) $120

Zoroark Chotto Ookii Banpresto (Back stitching to "hair" is loose but good condition otherwise) $19 SOLD

Zorua Korotto Manmaru Super DX MWT $30 SOLD

Pokemon Henkei Disks MIB
Froakie, Fennekin, Charizard, Garchomp $8 ALL SOLD

Zekrom Pokemon Center USA (no hang tag) $29 SOLD

Reshiram Banpresto UFO $8 SOLD

Espeon TOMY JP (no hang tag) $11 SOLD

Pikachu McDonald's Japan Exclusive Motion Activated Talking Toy (This is huge!) $30 SOLD

Pansage, Panpour, Pansear PC $25 all 3 (not splitting) SOLD

Deoxys Hyper Size $4 SOLD

Sylveon Super DX MWT - $22 SOLD

Umbreon I LOVE Gothic no hangtag $13 SOLD
Gengar I LOVE Gothic no hangtag $15 SOLD

TOMY Psyduck $15 SOLD

Pikachu Light up Talking Keychain new (activates when you get a call signal on your with 800mhz frequency compatibility) $11 SOLD

Espeon Pokemon Center Canvas (no hang tag) $40 SOLD

Lilligant Pokemon Center Mascot MWT $24 SOLD

Raikou Pokedoll JP $20 SOLD

Snivy TOMY Turning Moving $8
Eevee TOMY Talking (has talk pack but batteries need to be replaced) $60

Sandile Jakks MWT $8 SOLD

Eevee Pokemon Center Canvas (Tag has slight bend) $45 SOLD

(these freebies need to be reorganized)
2. EVERYTHING BELOW - Choose 1 for every $10 in total before shipping/fees or .50 each:
Almost all TOMY figures here are broken

TAKEN: Eevee, Seaking, Rhydon, Blastoise, Bayleef, Psyduck

Cresselia Banpresto $18 SOLD

Darkrai Super DX UFO $35 SOLD

Flareon Pokemon Center Canvas MWT $65 SOLD

Fennekin Large UFO MWT - $19
Chikorita Shiny 12 UFO MWT - $30 (ON HOLD)

Electivire UFO $19 SOLD

Victini Canvas (no hangtag) $18 SOLD

Small plush/Mascots: Audino MWT $3.50, Tepig $3, Axew $3, Mantyke $3

Bandai Kabutops $8
Marill $2
Zekrom Bath Salt Figure $6
Blastoise $8
Kangaskhan $6
Raichu Magnet $5 SOLD
Whimsur $2
Jessie $7, Meowth $5, Ekans $10

Yamask Banpresto (hang tag was removed) $11 SOLD

Sitting Trick MWT $13 each - Umbreon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Eevee, Espeon SOLD

Infernape DX Soft Vinyl Sofubi $9 SOLD

Cofagrigus Pokemon Center Pen Case $20 SOLD

Zekrom TOMY Minky Posable $70 SOLD

Cilan Best Wishes Partners Figure Banpresto MIB $27 SOLD

Leafeon MPC MWT - $15
Glaceon MPC MWT - $15
Flareon Sitting Trick MWT - $13
Jolteon Sitting Trick MWT - $13
Leafeon Sitting Trick MWT - $13
Glaceon Sitting Trick MWT - $13

Yveltal PC Oversize Pokedoll MWT $32
Shaymin PC Pokedoll US MWT $37
Espurr PC MWT JP no hangtag (removed after pic was taken) $13


Pansage Super DX Reshiram edition MWT $8

Cleffa Pokemon Center $11
Oshawott Pokedoll $12
Entei Pokedoll JP $25

Reshiram Overdrive 1/40 Zukan BW Movie $10 SOLD

Snivy Sleeping Bed Plush $38
Phanpy McDonalds $35
Snivy Pokedoll $11

Charizard/Venusaur Gameboy Advance SP hard cover $10 SOLD

Woobat Banpresto $5 SOLD

Piplup Heartland $30
Piplup Ice Cream MWT $18
Oshawott Banpresto MWT $12

Oshawott Don to Dekkai Banpresto MWT $40 SOLD

Mega Mawile MIB $7 SOLD

Arceus Zap Plate Banpresto MWT $30 SOLD

McDonald's Exclusive 2013 Calendar + clearfile MIP $25 SOLD

Zoroark Movie Book (All inserts fully intact) & Promo Pencilboard $20 SOLD

Wakuwaku Kuji Get 2008 Sky Forme Big Figure Shaymin $30 SOLD

Helioptile TOMY MWT $13
Manaphy TOMY 2010 $19

Eevee Pokemon Center 1:1 Lifesize MWT $45 SOLD

Original Pokedex JP (no batteries, untested. Great for cosplay!) $20 SOLD

Revelation Lugia Movie 5 postcard set $15 SOLD

Charizard PC Pokedoll JP 2012 (no hangtag) $14 SOLD

Pokemon Desk Calendar 2000 Nissui Exclusive (unused) $5 SOLD

Woobat Banpresto $5 SOLD

Pikachu Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay exclusive $30 SOLD

Rayquaza TOMY AG Large Figure $50 SOLD

Piplup Korotto Manmaru $5 SOLD

Munchlax Waffle MWT (The little head is free with it XD) $29 SOLD

Snivy MPC (slightly loved) + Korotto Manmaru $13 SOLD

Pichu Banpresto $8 SOLD

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu lying MWT $20 SOLD

Pikachu I LOVE Pikachu 7" w/ Star Charm MWT $20 SOLD

Piplup Sleepy Minky MWT $20 SOLD

Cyndaquil Banpresto MWT $35 SOLD

Eevee MPC MWT $15 (no hang tag/chain $10)
Umbreon MPC MWT $15

Eevee Sitting TOMY JP $11 SOLD

Pansear/Emolga Pitapoke $15 SOLD

Litwick Christmas Xmas 6" UFO Banpresto $11 SOLD

Gengar I LOVE Gothic no hangtag $15
Gengar I LOVE Gothic Pillow no hangtag $45

Duo charm sets $8 each set (Mew, Raichu)

Canvas PC MWT (Flareon and Raichu have small creases on tag)
Vaporeon $65, Flareon $55, Jolteon $65, Raichu $65 SOLD

Electric type muffler $19 SOLD

Charizard Kawaii Banpresto MWT (Tag has been opened as pictured but still intact) $54

Oshawott Kyun Figure MIB $8 SOLD

Snivy, Tympole Pitapoke MIB $8 each SOLD

PokeWalker Silicon Cover Case/Keychain MIP $15 SOLD

Dragonite PC JP MWT $54 SOLD

Mewtwo Pokemon Center $26 SOLD

Tiny Toys .50 each SOLD

Ducklett TOMY MWT $15 SOLD

Eeveelution Showa Notebook Hand Towel $8 (2 stock) SOLD

Pachirisu TOMY 10" (loved) $25 SOLD

I LOVE Marine Mantine MWT $20 SOLD

Shaymin Land Form DX Soft Vinyl Sofubi $12

Wakuwaku Kuji Get 2008 Giratina PVC 10"x14" $80 shipped within US, $70+shipping for international SOLD

PC Pokedoll mascots
Espeon Mint in Box $14 SOLD
Vaporeon with cardboard tag
Flareon $10

Vulpix Canvas TTO (tail stitching coming off a bit) $60 SOLD

Minun, Plusle JP Pokedolls MWT $95 NOT SPLITTING Keeping

Victini TOMY w/ hang tag $17 SOLD

Umbreon I LOVE Gothic no hangtag $15

Pikachu Pokedoll (Minky JP version) left $9
Pikachu Banpresto Center $5
Pikachu Zipper plush (bootie?) $5
Back side of plush

Entei Banpresto 2000 UFO (tag is sun damaged) $30 SOLD

Xerneas/Yveltal $15 for both SOLD

Reshiram DX Soft Vinyl Sofubi $18 SOLD

Foam Stands set of 8 $16 SOLD

Chikorita Banpresto Soft Touch MWT $30
Chikorita Banpresto Korotto Manmaru $11

Chikorita Banpresto $15

Chikorita Banpresto UFO $16

Chikorita TOMY MWT $19

Bayleaf PakiPaki posable MIB $150

Oshawott Korotto Manmaru $10
Emolga Korotto Manmaru $13
Minccino Banpresto $6

(Pikachu Pokedoll for size reference)
Minccino PC Lifesize JP $80
Emolga PC Lifesize JP $40
Buneary DX Pokedoll JP $100

Trump motif
Leafeon MWT $17(TTO $14)
Glaceon MWT $18

Emolga Lot $30 (PC Plush $18, MPCs $5 each) SOLD

Absol Pokemon Center Petite Earjack Charm $12 SOLD

Meowth 1999 Banpresto UFO $14 SOLD

Oshawott Shiny Super DX Banpresto (loved condition, has opening where tush tag was removed) $5 SOLD

Snivy lot $10 (bottle cap figure, bath salt figure, 4 keychains, 2 of them light up)
Minccino light up keychain $1

Darkrai PC Pokedoll JP (2007) $16 SOLD

Recalled Deoxys TOMY $30
Deoxys Banpresto (no tush tag) $6

Cyndaquil TOP Insight $23 SOLD

Glaceon, Jolteon (1 stock) tins $10 each ALL SOLD

Treecko, Turtwig Walky MWT $17 each (Turtwig Walky with no charms/tag $9)

Manaphy I Love Marine 11" DX MWT $25
Meloetta Aria Forme 2012 Banpresto UFO MWT $30

Flareon Standing PC MWT $25 SOLD

Eeveelutions/Genesect+Mewtwo movie Popcorn Bucket $30 SOLD

Suicune Assembling Figure (not sure on origin) $16

Squirtle Lot - Various bank figures, zipper pouch, keychain, electronic toy (no batteries) $12 SOLD

Palkia PC Pokedoll JP $22 SOLD

Munna Pokemon Center JP TTO $10
Swirlix Pokemon Center TTO $11

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander $45 (only selling as full set)

Darumaka Large bank $5 SOLD

Talking Palm Sylveon (batteries working) $10 SOLD

Victini/Scraggy Zukan MIP $10

Samurott DX UFO Banpresto (stitching on legs is a bit loose) $25 SOLD

Zorua Shiny Expression UFO MWT - Happy Grumpy $30 each, pair $56 SOLD

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander pitapoke $45 (only selling as full set)

Pikachu & Berries Prize H Glass Cups
Raichu, Pikachu & Dedenne $11

Darkrai Korotto Manmaru UFO (no tush) $8

Charizard TOMY Battle Museum figure $35 SOLD

Charizard Action plamo set (The assembled one is from my own collection as example only, listing is for the instructions/unassembled parts as pictured) $12
Its mouth and wings move when you move its tail!

Marill Banpresto Kuji $14 SOLD

Entei, Suicune, Raikou Banpresto puzzle $25 SOLD

Pichu all MWT Korotto Manmaru normal $7, Notch Ear $8, Ear Shake (no batteries $20), walking (no batteries $25), all 4 for $55

Reshiram TOMY Posable $140 SOLD

Eeveelution Collections!
Set of 8 Pokedoll figures all with bases $100 (NOT SPLITTING)
Set of 9 Kyun figures (both Eevees included) $110 (NOT SPLITTING)

(Note: also pictured are the Eevee and Sylveon pose figures which are listed in the TOMY/Kids listings)

Dedenne TOMY JP MIP $15

Magmortar UFO MWT $24

Pikachu TOMY Squeaking $10

Eevee Berries Kuji MWT $35 SOLD

Jolteon Toyopet Watch (still working) $20

Kyurem Banpresto $14 SOLD

Charizard Super DX Banpresto TTO $65

Sold stuff XD

Rayquaza Pokemon Pokepark Hat $30 SOLD

Trump Motif:
Eevee MWT $14 SOLD
Flareon no hang tag $14
Jolteon tush tag only (no card piece) $9
Umbreon MWT $18 (1 stock)

Pokemon Center Pikazard Promo Mega Tokyo Grand Opening Pins $15 each SOLD

Xatu Pokemon Center Time w/ magnet wings $15 SOLD

Lucario Banpresto Movie Edition $25

Pansage L Size MWT $7, Korotto Manmaru $4, Zekrom version $4 or $15 all 3

Reshiram Super DX $24

Manaphy Super DX MWT (hang tag has wear) $20
Pikachu Super DX 1:1 Korotto Manmaru MWT (super soft!) $38

Meloetta Pair $20 (offer if you want me to split)

Meloetta Lot $50 (offer if you want me to split)

Pikachu Banpresto Arms Crossed MWT $20 SOLD
Pikachu mascot $2

Minccino UFO Banpresto $5
Piplup Pokemon Center (hang tag has QR Code) $15
Piplup I Love Marine UFO MWT $10

Piplup lying MWT (2 available, left one has black marks on wrap) $30 left, $40 right SOLD

Palkia Large TOMY MWT $25 SOLD

Giratina Altered Forme 15" Minky TOMY $140 SOLD

Raichu Taffeta Banpresto (Hang tag was removed) $18 SOLD

Pokemon Fan Magazine special edition clear Pikachu oyasumi friends XY figure

Figure only - $20
Figure + the magazine - $24 (shipping will also increase, the magazine is also VERY expensive to ship outside US because it weighs at least a full pound)

Figure only: xxiiijamesiiixx
Figure + Magazine: jen81489

Riolu TOMY TTO $25 Keeping XD

Rayquaza Ichiban Kuji 2004 GIANT 16" $170 SOLD

Dittochu Ice Cream Mascot Plush PC JP MWT $20 SOLD

Dittochu Pikachu PUTITTO Cup Figure (still in gacha) $12 SOLD

Kuji Arceus Figure MIB $40

Thundurus/Landorus/Tornadus McD's set trio $5 SOLD

Umbreon Pokemon Center Time 2015 Mascot MWT $12 SOLD

Pikachu Zipper Pouch $11 (MIA!)

Pikachu Pass Case Pouch $13

Lugia Large TOMY TTO $75

Glaceon JP Pokedoll (Hang tag has a small bend) $35
Glaceon Canvas TTO $40
Glaceon Trump Motif MWT $18

Glaceon TOMY Sitting JP (no hang tag) $12

Giratina Origin DP TOMY Posable $25

Eeveelution large bath towel (unused) $18

Inkay Team Rocket Banpresto MWT (tag not visible but it's there!) $27

Mew New TOMY TTO $40

Leafeon UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Eevee UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Vaporeon UFO Korotto Manmaru MWT $15
Vaporeon MPC MWT $15
Umbreon MPC MWT $15

Bellossom 1999 MWT $40

Umbreon/Espeon I LOVE Gothic pair (not splitting) $25 (Espeon TTO, Umbreon no tags)

Eeveelution Kyun Figures w/out bases

Pokemon Center Bianca Dot Sprite figure $20

Freebies BIG NOTE ON FREEBIES: ONLY for Priority flat-rate shipments, as long as they fit! I will let you know if your requested freebie/s is/are not possible in certain flat-rate sizes.

1. Least-restriction Freebies: You can take as many of these as you like with any $15 minimum flat-rate shipping purchase, as long as they fit or you're willing to pay extra shipping!

2. EVERYTHING BELOW - Choose 1 for every $20 in total before shipping/fees or $2 each:
Mechanical pencils left (3 available), pencils

Inflatable straw shooters
Zorua taken

Cyndaquil Keychain MWT $9
Piplup MWT $7
Minccino MPC MWT
Purrloin MPC MWT
I Love Eevee Pink / Blue Pouch MWT $13

Dedenne Pokemon Center JP $15
Chespin Pokemon Center JP $13

Tags: selling, series - pokemon

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