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  • Tue, 01:28: RT @fuzzleyan: @SplashTOMATO the link doesn't work when you click it but (at the error page) if you highlight URL at the address bar and hi…
  • Tue, 03:11: RT @fuzzleyan: children's anime is long and children's anime is to be feared
  • Tue, 03:12: RT @gmhuntr7: Finished the third case of Ace Attorney Investigations 2. I really don't remember cases being this complex in other games o.O
  • Tue, 03:13: oh right I can bring cleaning levi nendo to work tomorrow 8D;
  • Tue, 03:16: I need a lot of updating on this w http://t.co/pn4VatAGxv
  • Tue, 03:30: ...and NOW I think of a KyouTen cosplay OTP pic @onkeikun and I should've done ORZ well at least we got selfies |D;;;
  • Tue, 03:38: for some reason loading twitter profile pages requires my laptop to crank up its CPU usage what happened twitter
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